When it comes to creating your dream bathroom, seeing it come together in the theme of your choice is the best part! But choosing the composition can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there are so many trends, themes and features to choose from!

Keeping your bathroom on-trend and perfectly attuned to your everyday needs is critical. Whether you’re looking for something more modern or classic, bright and bold, or smooth and simplistic.

Here are a few of 2020s most popular bathroom trends that we think you should check out!

Create a calming environment.
Homeowners are taking inspiration from boutique hotels and spas, transforming bathrooms into a calming space in which serenity and rejuvenation reign supreme. No longer just a place for hygiene and daily necessities, the bathroom is becoming a hub of its own, specifically for relaxation. Think calming blue and green hues, smooth and organic surfaces, minimalistic vanity and display and a streamlined look that resembles a more Hamptons style feel. Indulge in a bathroom that feels like five stars with the latest trend that’ll make you never want to leave your bathtub.

Bring in the bold and colourful statement pieces.
From bright orange to light blue, sparkling gold and brushed black, an increase in braver and bolder colours will see this trend lasting for a while. Evoke emotion in the colours you choose and character in the pieces you acquire that help your bathroom stand out from the rest and become a feature in and of itself. A great way to add colour and a bold statement is with feature tiles.

On-trend and here to stay, the choice of feature tiles allows you to tactfully reflect your style and personality, as well as inject instant charm and dramatic effect. Add zest to your bathroom with intricate design, innovative use of space, and eye-catching patterns.

Add in some feature points.
Feature points allow you to think outside the box with your design and add some character to achieve a bathroom perfectly tailored to you. By using different patterns, funky accessories, and exciting colours and materials, your bathroom gets to welcome a fresh design that entices the guest and creates personality.

Feature tiles are a great and easy way to emphasise a statement piece or a particular wall of the bathroom. Whether you want something behind the clawfoot tub, need a frame for the vanity mirror, or want to celebrate points of difference between wall and shower, feature tiles and walls are great for those who prefer a dramatic look that complements the elements.

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