Do you know what you would include in your brand new custom home? Maybe you’d include a big kitchen with a butler’s pantry or a luxurious ensuite with a deep freestanding tub? Or maybe you’d like a dedicated outdoor entertaining area where you can maximise the water views?

The choice of inclusions for your custom home really is entirely up to you and that includes your outdoor living space as well.

If you’re thinking about building your very own custom home, then you might want to take a look at some of our favourite outdoor living ideas for 2021.

Outdoor Living Idea – Alfresco Design
Most of us enjoy sitting out on the deck and watching the sunset. Alfresco design is all about transforming your backyard and your deck from an afterthought into a true living space. Think about it as adding rooms to your house, but outdoors.

The name alfresco refers to extensions of your house under the main roof. Generally, your alfresco area would appear to be part of the original roofline. Done beautifully, it will not only increase your living space but also improve the overall look of your property.

You benefit from combining protection from the weather whilst still enjoying fresh air and large, open spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways of using your alfresco space.

Outdoor Living Ideas | Oceanview Constructions Redlands

Outdoor Living Idea – Kitchens
Cooking is a fantastic way of spending time with family and friends at any time. Cooking outdoors allows you to prepare a beautiful meal whilst enjoying time outdoors.

Imagine having a few friends over, and all of you watching the kids play in the pool whilst you are preparing a tasty dinner at the same time. It’s simply a great way to spend time together and socialise. Don’t forget the built-in barbecue though – few outdoor kitchens would be perfect without one!

Outdoor Living Idea – Alfresco Dining
Now that you have cooked a meal outdoors, wouldn’t it feel wrong to head back indoors to enjoy it?

An outdoor dining area is a perfect companion to your outdoor kitchen. Designing the perfect outdoor eating space is not too different from creating a perfect dining room indoors. You are looking for a quality table and comfortable chairs.

With outdoor furniture, you want to consider weatherproofing, too. Gone are the days when choices were limited. Outdoor furniture no longer means rickety, plastic chairs. Simple, sleek designs that stand the test of time are a 2021 favourite. However, before you furnish your outdoor living area, it is important to look at the space itself.

If you are looking to create an outdoor kitchen and dining room, it is important to consider the space you have to work with. This is where expert advice is invaluable. At Oceanview Constructions making the most of alfresco areas for custom homes is one of our favourite things to do. So, we have a few ideas to contribute.

Outdoor Living Ideas | Oceanview Constructions Capalaba


Outdoor Living Idea – Outdoor Entertaining
If cooking is not really your favourite thing to do, but you love spending time with family and friends, then there’s no better space for doing that than a beautiful, spacious outdoor entertaining area.

As coronavirus-related restrictions are being eased, gathering your best friends around you is the perfect way to share your coastal custom home with friends. Comfort comes first, of course, and it is worth choosing good quality furniture for entertaining. However, it is just as important to consider providing shade and some protection from the elements. Your roof will shelter you to some degree but thinking about sun angles and wind direction is just as crucial.

At Oceanview Constructions, our mission is to help you make the most of the outdoor living space your custom home has to offer. For us, this is all about understanding your vision for the space and helping you turn it into a reality.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can turn your outdoor living ideas into a reality.