Ceilings can sometimes feel like a distant cousin: you’re aware of them, perhaps take them for granted but don’t see or take notice of them very often. It’s a shame because your ceiling style can make or break a room.
The material you use to decorate your ceiling can have a big impact on a room’s acoustics. It can also set the mood in the way it reflects or refracts light and casts shadows.
Spare a few moments to learn more about this often-forgotten surface as we look into what makes some of the best custom home ceilings.

A Few Things to Consider
More often than not, your average Australian ceiling is little more than the plastered underside of the roof or whatever material forms the floor above. Many are simply left to their own devices but there is always the option to decorate plasterboard ceilings with wood paneling or mouldings.

Sometimes a builder may have left the beams exposed. This adds a more dramatic finish and, like some of the other ceiling styles we’ll be exploring, can add value to your home.
It’s worth remembering that a ceiling with an exposed ceiling still have plaster and insulation between the beams. As a total house covering we don’t recommend it, especially in bedrooms, so pick your rooms as you may decide on a feature ceiling only. To give you some inspiration, we’ve chosen 8 of our favourite ceiling types.

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