So, you’ve just bought yourself a small block of land in the ideal suburb. The location’s perfect.

Now all that’s left to do is build your dream home to accompany it!

With limited space at your disposal, though, it’s important to put on your creative hat throughout the design phase. Get it right, and you’ll end up with a beautiful, unique custom home that feels spacious, light, and airy, despite the lot’s size.

Working with a multi-award-winning custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions guarantees the best results. For inspiration in the meantime, check out these top tips on maximising your small lot build in the Redlands.

Leverage Open Plan Living
Separating smaller living areas into individual rooms can make everything feel cramped and overcrowded.

That’s why we always encourage our custom home (all our clients are custom home client) clients to try open plan living instead! By removing walls and hallways in favour of one expansive area, everything becomes instantly less stuffy and confined.

Done right, your family will feel more connected to each other. Oh, and with no barriers to prevent natural light from travelling through your home, it should also feel more spacious and brighter too.

Be Strategic with Storage
Storage space is always a premium when you’re building on a smaller lot. The result? You have to get creative!

The main idea is to exploit any areas that might otherwise become dead space. Maybe you could install built-in storage beneath the staircase, for example, or fit cupboards under windows creating both seating and storage.

Other space-saving storage options include using:

  • Hooks, clasps, bins, and baskets
  • Multi-purpose furnishings with hidden compartments
  • Shelving on walls to leverage vertical space
  • Hanging baskets and behind-the-door storage

Outdoors Meets Indoors
You should absolutely make the most of your prime location on the beautiful Redland coast as well.

For instance, you might have stunning views over Moreton Bay  or any of the lovely surrounding landscapes. Whatever the case, installing great big windows will help you enjoy them, while also letting in lots of natural light.

Don’t stop there though!

Having large sliding doors, or bi-folds that open onto the rear garden, a covered area that provides shelter from the elements, and a cohesive aesthetic between the indoors and outdoors are ideas that’ll encourage you to get outside and help maximise the space.

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Build a Second Storey
What do you notice about properties in densely populated areas around the world, such as inner cities? They’re built up instead of out, right?

That’s because it’s an effective way to save space! Adding extra stories enables you to create new living areas without having to extend the building’s footprint.

Keep this in mind for your small lot build.

Adding a second storey is an ideal solution when you’re trying to squeeze ever potential inch of space from your land. You’ll be able to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas upstairs. Not only that, but you’ll also avoid the sense of claustrophobia that comes from trying to squeeze multiple rooms into a single storey.

Build the Best Small Lot Custom Homes with Oceanview Constructions
Are you about to start the process of designing and building a small lot custom home? Well, as feasible as the DIY approach can be, we strongly encourage you to consult the professionals at Oceanview Constructions.

As a multi-award-winning builder located in the Redlands, we have all the expertise and experience required to bring your property ideas to life, regardless of how big or small the space might be!

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