Coastal house design is currently a trending architectural and interior design theme. It offers a combination of casual, laid back styling paired with natural elements like real timber flooring, high ceilings and natural, earthy furnishings. The look really is perfect for the custom-designed coastal home that fits the laid-back lifestyle and the temperate Queensland climate.

However, coastal homes are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they offer a variety of unique elements that can be adopted into your very own customised home to truly reflect your own distinct tastes.

Read on to discover these 5 charming coastal design styles that we hope, will inspire you in the creation of your very own custom-designed home.

Hamptons Style Home Design
The Hamptons style originally heralds from the American seaside but has been enthusiastically adopted as an Australian home design favourite. This coastal house design aims to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces, giving these homes a luxuriously, yet spacious feel.

In designing a Hamptons inspired custom home, we create open-living floor plans with large windows and glass doors to give the space ample natural light. We also create continuity between the indoor and outdoor living spaces by using neutral colour palettes and similar finishes internally and externally.

However, it’s the rustic details that truly set the Hamptons style homes apart- both inside and out. White external cladding, colonial windows, exposed rafters, and hardwood floors are signature elements that make these homes feel quintessentially “Hamptons”. Adding classic fixtures, like pendant lighting, shaker kitchen cupboards and wood detailed staircases really make the Hamptons style home come to life.

Oceanview Constructions - 5 Coastal House Designs For Your Custom Home

Modern Coastal Home Design
If you’re drawn to mid-century design, a modern coastal home might just be for you! This style features crisp, clean lines, soft colours, and basic finishes, giving the home a relaxed, yet sophisticated feel. Modern coastal homes embrace the use of natural materials and textures in their design, creating a neutral backdrop on which to decorate to your heart’s content.

The unique accents that make modern coastal homes stand out are stunning pendant lighting, brass hardware, and fresh white finishes mixed with light, natural woods.

Minimalist Coastal Home Design
Like the Hamptons style, minimalist coastal home design features functional, open plan living. This design embraces simplicity and show-cases coastal views thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors. Built to feel spacious and seamless, a minimalist coastal home feels anything but cluttered or stuffy. This style of coastal home might just be your calling if you love the idea of a sleek exterior, an all-white colour scheme, and a simple, open floor plan.

Minimalist interiors may be simplistic, but they can still be architecturally interesting! This coastal house design often uses contrast to create drama by mixing cool white and warm wood finishes with striking concrete features.

Classic Coastal Home Design
Classical coastal home design is the perfect marriage of Hamptons style meets French Riviera. This coastal home design will make you feel like you are holidaying all year-round thanks to its relaxed, beach house style.

The classic coastal home incorporates plenty of mixed wood finishes, natural textures, and nautical design elements to make this coastal home feel distinctly classic. Some beautiful design features of these homes include decorative panelling and elegant French doors.

Luxe Coastal Home Design
Looking for a more glamorous seaside style? Then you can’t go past the Luxe look! Luxe coastal house design really highlights the natural assets that living by the water can bring thanks to the inclusion of expansive floor to ceiling windows. These stylish homes use an abundance of high-end materials and finishes to bring together beachy style with luxury living.

Luxe coastal design stands apart from other coastal homes by incorporating more contemporary elements into their design. Breaking away from the soft neutral colour palette, coastal luxe manages to still feel spacious and airy while playing with deeper, richer colour palettes. You will also see luxurious elements, like marble and gold accents right throughout these homes.

If you’re looking to build a coastal-inspired custom home that fits your unique style, you’ll love working with our award-winning team. With more than 20 years of building Bayside homes, we understand custom coastal design better than anyone!

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