If you’ve decided to custom build your home over purchasing existing real estate, it will have been a decision you put an incredible amount of thought into. A custom home is an exciting prospect, full of endless possibilities and opportunities.
However, there are many factors to consider when designing and building a custom home in the Bayside. Working with an award-winning Redlands custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions will simplify and streamline the process. We have been developing and building custom homes in the Redlands area for 20 years, and in that time, we have brought all types of custom home designs to life for our customers which is why we have created these six custom home building tips!

1. Family Size
It may be a given, but considering the size of your family is essential when designing the size, style and layout of your custom home. Think about your family’s age and how they will grow in (or out) of the space you are designing. Thinking carefully about the evolution of your household will definitely help when it comes to making the right choices for your home.

5 Things To Consider For Your Custom Home

2. Privacy
Open plan living is wonderful for keeping rooms and lives connected, but how important is privacy and personal space to you and your family? A custom home builder can help you design a home that integrates open-plan family living with individual private areas like reading nooks and well-placed bedrooms and bathrooms away from busy family zones. Connection is meaningful, but so is alone time!

3. Hobby Areas
Did COVID bring out the creative crafter in you? Did you find yourself learning how to make polymer clay earrings while socially distancing, or have you always had an affinity for woodcraft? Considering your hobbies and the activities you take joy from is essential when building your custom coastal home. A dedicated space for your unique activity will provide endless mental health benefits and avoid any unnecessary clutter in the main living areas.

4. Office Space
This consideration is perhaps more pertinent after last year’s massive shift toward working from home. Only you can know what kind of office space will bring out the best in you and your productivity, which is why working with a Redlands custom home builder is so important. We can tailor an office that is perfect for your busy working lifestyle.
5 Things To Consider For Your Custom Home

5. Kitchen Size And Style
What does your kitchen say about you? Well, a lot! A small kitchen with poor storage design would put off even the most enthusiastic chef. Your kitchen needs to be as ergonomic as it is aesthetic. So before you design and choose a kitchen style, think about exactly how it will be used. Do you cook seven nights a week and love to entertain? Perhaps an open-plan kitchen dining area with a butler’s pantry would be perfect. Or are you the minimal chef with even less time? A functional, modern kitchen with time-saving appliances might be more your cup of tea.
Oceanview Constructions are a multi-award-winning, Redlands custom home builder and have seen and built it all! We are here and ready to take on your dream home design and build the custom home you’ve always wanted.
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