When thinking about designing and building a custom home with a multi-award-winning builder like Oceanview Constructions, your mind may spend more time dreaming up the perfect outdoor spaces, balconies, to-die-for kitchens with all the mod-cons and dreamy master bedrooms. But if you’re building up, what about your staircase?

Your Redlands custom coastal home will probably want to utilise second or third-story height to maximise the potential of a bay view. Double or triple story dwellings will need staircases, but you do not need to build them purely to meet their function. In a custom home, you can create one-of-a-kind feature staircases that really take you to another level (literally).

Here are 6 staircase ideas that you can include in your custom coastal home design!

Custom Staircase Designs

Straight up and down

The simple straight up and down design works well for the minimalist coastal design and provides an excellent opportunity to build in some under staircase storage, a little play nook or even a small library.

L Shaped (Quarter turn)

The L design usually incorporates a turn halfway up the stairs to the left or right at a 90-degree angle with a flat landing between the two flights. They work well tucked in the corner of a room if you don’t want to heavily feature the staircase and create a beautiful barrier between floors for added privacy.


Winders are a variation of the L shape, but rather than a flat landing that acts as a rest point, the stairs wind round the bend with pie-shaped or triangular stairs. Winder stairs are perfect for a secondary staircase, particularly on the external aspects of your custom home.

U-Turn (half turn)

U-shaped stairs are essentially two parallel flights of straight stairs joined by a landing that creates a 180-degree turn in the walk line. U Shape is ideal for smaller spaces and offers some architectural interest to the design of your home.

Custom Staircase Designs


Spiral staircases are visually stunning. They create an alluring and compact statement staircase that can really showcase your custom home’s style and interior design. Spiral staircases will rarely be the main staircase to any home due to their low function. This design would not be a good choice for children, the elderly, or anyone with any physical disability, which is something to consider. But wow, they are a beautiful feature!

Bifurcated (split)

Of course, we can’t forget bifurcated stairs. It is probably the least popular choice for a custom home, but they are a style best known from the grand staircase in Titanic. The stairs will split halfway up, to both the left and the right and head in different directions on the upper floor. They are typically used in larger homes as a focal point at the entrance.

Your custom home builder Redlands can provide you with visuals and design ideas for your staircase so you can decide what will suit your home and needs perfectly. Coastal custom home staircases will want to draw on the natural elements that reflect the minimalist coastal design. So incorporating lots of light timber and natural finishes with plenty of white aspects will create a perfectly balanced minimalist style that manages to blend in while simultaneously commanding attention.

So, if you have big ideas for your custom home, talk to Oceanview Constructions, the experts in custom coastal home design and construction. Forget stairway to heaven; how about a stairway to your perfect custom home? We’ll take one of those, please!