Trends in flooring styles have been changing drastically as more homeowners acquire different tastes and new technology which allows for a wide array of designs. In 2023, more exciting, new trends are expected to be unveiled as the year grows. This post will discuss 8 of the best flooring styles you may have not heard of. Read on to find out more about these designs.

#1 Bleached Woods
Not many homeowners like bright brown stains on hardwood floors. This type of flooring is lighter in colour with tinges of white throughout. A popular choice is engineered French Oak, which offers a striking finish. If you intend to use this type of custom flooring, make sure to consult a custom homes expert – such as Redlands Custom Home Builder – on which is the most ideal for you. In 2023, whitewashed floors will be popular in classic and country-style homes.

#2 Concrete Tiles
Concrete tiles are becoming more popular thanks to their serviceability and choice of colour. No longer just grey, now customers have the choice of toffee, ash, and latte colours. Perfect for minimalist or industrial-styled custom homes. Durable, hardy, and eco-friendly, what more could you want!

#3 Graphic Tiles
If you prefer nifty and unique patterns on your tiles, then you should strongly consider using graphic tiles. You can use tiles with repeating patterns or find tiles that come together to create a massive pattern on the whole floor. They often come in monochrome colours, but if you want a unique look, opt for bold colourful patterns.

Oceanview Constructions - Flooring Styles (1)

Oceanview Constructions – Flooring Styles (1)

#4 Large Porcelain Tiles with Hexagon Patterns
With the increasing popularity of large porcelain tiles, you should expect to see more of these shapes and patterns, such as hexagon tiles. These shapes and patterns create amazing effects when used in any room. Also, drip patterns are becoming increasingly popular, as they can display multiple floor textures, sizes, and colours.

#5 Natural Colours
In 2023 and beyond, keeping everything natural or going back to the basics will be a fundamental aspect. With an increasing concentration on sustainability as well as ways to blend outdoor life with interior life, the trend for natural colours is set to continue in the next years. Natural woods create the comfort and simplicity that many homeowners usually seek.

#6 Timber Look Tiles
The timber look tile trend is an extension of the faux wooden flooring trend that was prevalent in 2016. It remains a favorite among homeowners because of its weathered look and colour variation, and it offers a warm rustic appearance. Timber look tiles are very similar to natural wooden flooring in terms of look, colour, and even texture. You can also get a reclaimed timber look if you’re looking for something a little more rustic.

#7 Smoked Wood Flooring Look
The smoked wood tile is a modern vinyl plank flooring with a look that is dark and smokey to highlight the grain. The final look of the floor is more luxurious and attractive compared to what you’d get from stained hardwood floors. Choices can include smoked hickory for a deep, rich colour and smoked ash for lighter tones.

#8 Vintage Black & White
Vintage design is mainly about nostalgia as it brings back the memories and warmth of decades past. This year, black and white tiles will make a strong comeback, even if they’re not the same black and white tiles that feature in historic homes. These modern tiles offer a more graphic and luxurious style, including smaller tiles with bold graphic patterns.

Whether it’s graphic tiles, bleached coloured timber, or smokey vinyl planks, Oceanview Constructions can help you find the latest flooring styles to make your new custom home come to life.

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