Read on to discover the 8 reasons why you’ll LOVE a custom designed home by Oceanview Constructions!

1) Home is the new office
It’s safe to say COVID changed the way most of us worked last year, and as we move through and beyond this pandemic it’s expected working from home will become the new normal. Seventy-five per cent of Australians think their employers will support their work from home plans in the future, so home offices are going to be the next biggest must-have. A custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions can help you design and deliver that dream home office and completely transform the way you feel about going to work!

2) Your home, your floorplan.
Have you ever walked through the perfect coastal home with the most amazing views, but you know the floorplan just will not work for your family? Perhaps it was a bit too small, or the bedrooms were too close to the entertaining space. One of the best things about creating a home with a Custom Baysider Builder like Oceanview Constructions is the total flexibility of designing a floor plan that works for you and your family.

3) Your style is just that, yours!
Whether you love the industrial chic look or adore the luxe coastal design so popular in the Redlands area, custom built design styles are just a consult away. Oceanview Constructions pride themselves on their individualised tailored homes so you really are in the driver’s seat the whole way.

4) Your children will love you for it
As your children grow older, they will naturally want to create their own space in the home as they grow socially. Including zoned family areas in your custom designed home will allow them to socialise in the safety of your home without disturbing your Netflix binge. Everyone wins!

8 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE A Custom Designed Home

5) The sky is the limit with windows and doors
When you custom build with the multi-award-winning team at Oceanview Constructions, the sky quite literally is the limit when introducing light into your home. You might want your coastal home to have large floor-to-ceiling windows so you can enjoy every inch of the water view, or you might dream of luxe Hamptons-style window seats with luxurious finishes. What’s not to love?

6) Intelligent storage design
You want that effortless coastal feel but don’t want daily life to make it feel cluttered? Oceanview Constructions can provide you with intelligent storage designs that look a part of your home. Are you dreaming of a garage large enough for both cars, or a spacious walk-in robe tucked neatly behind a headboard wall? No problem! Oceanview Constructions will work with you throughout the design and construction process to make sure your home is beyond perfect for your lifestyle.

8 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE A Custom Designed Home

7) You get to pick all your fittings
When you build your custom dream home with Oceanview Constructions, you don’t need to worry about what oven is installed, or what pendant lights are chosen. Because YOU choose them. Oceanview Constructions believe the smallest details make the biggest difference. Having complete control over what designs and appliances go into your home makes it even more perfect and even more personalised!

8) Finally… You’ll be the envy of your friends and family
No more inviting friends and family over and fretting over where everyone will sit or how you’ll fit everyone in. Your custom designed home will be so individual, your entertaining needs will be considered. You will be able to enjoy BBQs by the pool, dining on a deck watching the sunset, or just creating magical memories with your loved ones in a home no one wants to leave.

If you’re interested in building a custom home with Oceanview Constructions, then call today for a no obligations consultation.

A custom home with Oceanview Constructions is an experience worth building on.