Creating concepts of how houses in wide open places might look is the key to acreage home designs.

Inspiration for acreage living has led to spacious floor plans, a seamless blend from outside to indoors and large windows that take advantage of all available natural light.

A huge blank canvas needs filling with “less” tending to become the new “more.” The result is a sense of freedom and harmonious movement from one space to another within a single open-plan living area.

Read on for the latest dream designs in acreage living from Brisbane’s premier custom home builder.

A Sense of Space

Acreage Home Designs

It’s not just width that matters. The extra height in a living space adds to feelings of openness. These will steer you away from oppressive or overbearing sensations in your custom-made home. The result is freedom wherever you look.

A key advantage of open-plan living is the excellent airflow and extra light gained by not closing off individual areas. Fewer walls allow for a greater free-flowing space between zones meant for different functions.

The design lets a greater expanse share light streaming in from one side of the home. And, a steady flow of fresh air into the home helps with general well-being. It can make us feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Our intuitive designer is an expert in creating plenty of storage space that’s discreet yet spacious. This feature can make or break an open-plan design. To pull off the “open” concept, the placement and number of fixtures, fittings and pieces of furniture need thinking through.

A  Free-Flowing Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

If you’ve got it, flaunt it and our climate means outdoor living deserves embracing at every opportunity. What better way to do that than to bring a great big, serving of it indoors?

For starters, plenty of natural light and fresh air have become proven mood boosters. Getting up and close to nature allows us to become more mindful of its beauty. That’s one of the keys to greater relaxation. “Stop, look and listen” is an essential mindfulness mantra.

There are plenty of design tricks to engage with the seamless outdoor-indoor lifestyle concept. Bifold doors, for example, come with these key benefits:

  • They flood your home with natural light
  • They’re real space savers so maximise the outdoor/indoor sensation
  • They’re flexible, secure and low maintenance

And, any designer will tell you that bifold doors are aesthetically pleasing. Large glass sliders can work equally well for uninterrupted views.

Acreage Home Designs

Harmonious Living Under One Roof

A broader design for the home allows more opportunities for everyone to take advantage of the views over the outdoor areas.

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. A wider home gives couples who enjoy living together the chance for separate zones where they can enjoy their own space from time to time. Allowing ourselves space that’s separate from our relationship lets us retain our individuality. Some might say it’s the secret to a successful partnership.

Families can create more bespoke living spaces that give them a sense of distance between “parents” and “kids” areas, for example. Yet everyone still lives under the same wide roof. The chance to have our own space is a luxury that allows for deeper relaxation and greater concentration.

Make the Most of Standout Features

More outdoor space creates opportunity. Again, our climate means a pool and alfresco dining goes with the territory. These features need incorporating into the design of the entire home so that we maximise the advantages of acreage living.

Our acreage home designs ensure that the finer outdoor features we’ve invested in are always visible from wherever we are in the home. We can take satisfaction by knowing they are available to us whenever we want them.

Our team will take this a step further by focusing on the outdoor living spaces available for acreage home designs. The finest dining patios, inviting pools and luscious landscaping are integral to the very concept of acreage living.

Bring Warmth and Charm into the Home

Timber surfaces help by “bringing nature indoors.” Exposed timber beams, flooring and cabinets make living spaces feel warmer and cosier. They also have a calming effect that simultaneously adds charm.

Exposed timber makes a feature of a natural element. Dining tables made from exposed wood can create that feeling of “togetherness.” Families and friends can gather around them to share great food and make memories.

Natural styling features work well think – bamboo and cane furniture, textured art work, lampshades made from raw woven rattan fabrics.

Sustainable Living Considerations

Natural products may have become the obvious instinctive “go-to” options. However, not all natural choices are sustainable. Going for locally manufactured or designed fixtures can sometimes enhance our sustainable credentials.

It reduces shipping expenses. It also increases the likelihood that we can verify just how sustainable a natural product we have our eye on really is.

Our goal is always to make a custom dream home in Brisbane that fits all the goals related to sustainability and natural beauty harboured by our customers.

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