Choosing where you want to live is just as important as building your home. Why? Because that is where you and your family are going to live and grow while enjoying your custom built home. Therefore, it is important to consider the location, the cost and the quality of the land you are looking at purchasing.

Location and Size

Lets face it! No one wants to live somewhere they won’t enjoy. Therefore it is important to consider what is in the immediate location of the land you are looking at purchasing. Does it look like there are good neighbours? Are you near a main road? Will there be a lot of noise and traffic? These are all things to consider when choosing your land.

Size is also important to consider. Too small and you may be limited with the design of your home, especially if you plan on building big! Therefore, you need to think whether the land you are looking at is going to fit the size of the custom built home you need.

Cost and Quality

The cost and the quality of the land you choose pretty much goes hand in hand. It may seem cheap at first but you might have to spend a little bit more conditioning the soil so that it can be built upon. This can end up being the same cost as the other piece of land you were looking at but there was no work that needed to be done.

The quality of the soil is what makes all the difference in the land you choose. You can determine whether the soil is good for building by having a soil test performed on the land you are looking to buy. At Oceanview Constructions, we can organise a soil test for you to determine if the land can be built on and the cost of your foundations. If the soil is too soft your home will need extra support in the foundations, which will greatly affect your build costs.

Other Features To Consider In The Surrounding Area 

Your immediate location is not the only thing to consider when choosing land for your custom built home. You also need to know if the suburb you choose is right for your family.

Some things you should be asking are whether there are decent schools if you have kids? Are there parks in your local area? Does the area have a low crime rate? Are there shops, dining out and entertainment facilities? All these things can determine not only where you would like to live, but also your lifestyle so choose carefully!

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