No matter how much we are told not to, many people can’t help but judge a book by its cover. The same applies when it comes to homes. A beautifully presented front facade is not only important when it comes to building but also plays a huge role in how we feel about our home.

A custom home facade can give us a sense of pride, and even a warm buzz when we arrive home at the end of the day. From modern homes with concrete and steel to quaint timber cottages, home facades are bound to provide everyone with a great first impression.

First Impressions Matter, Choose the Right Facade for Your Home
An attractive custom home facade can make all the difference. It can increase the value of a house while also setting the tone for your entire home. Before looking at the great facade ideas below, consider the following things:

  • You need to consider the surrounding landscape of your home. If your home is situated in a beautiful green environment, ensure that it won’t clash with the colours you choose.
  • Your interior and exterior design need to remain consistent to ensure that everything flows. Make sure your facade is reflective of the inside of your home.
  • Some facade options require more maintenance while others will be fine to sit out in the elements.

Now, let’s take a look at some excellent facade ideas for you to consider:

  1. Hamptons Facade

One of the most popular home facade trends at the moment is the soothing and soft finish of the famous Hamptons look. Combined with a soft white pallet, a mixture of external cladding, shaker style front doors and panelled garage doors, this look never grows old.

You will always enjoy the welcoming and refreshing vibe given off by this facade. A custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions can nail this look.

  1. Retro Facade

Another popular look right now is the Retro facade. The retro facade can be enjoyed from absolutely every angle thanks to its minimalist look. Think about adding some decorative screens or a pop of retro colour to your front door like apple green or muted orange. Don’t forget you can also add some stone elements in the form of pillars or feature walls too.

Custom Home facades - Oceanview Constructions (2)

Custom Home facades – Oceanview Constructions (2)

  1. The Modern Facade

The modern facade is a thing of beauty! Featuring clean lines, cladding and modern brickwork, this facade typically comes with a flat roofline and large front windows. Timber Merbau or Baltic pine features are also present and used in vertical siding. Popular colour choices for modern facades include blacks, dark greys and whites and earthy browns.

  1. Coastal Style Facade

A very popular facade of Bayside Brisbane is the beach style facade. Typically, lighter in their overall colour schemes to mimic the coastal surroundings, these facades feature crisp white verandah posts, horizontal white cladding and for a decadent twist, often include a second story (to maximise those views!). Colorbond roofing in Surfmist is also a firm favorite.

Looking To Build Your Dream Home?
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