It’s easy to collect a lot of stuff over the years. While it’s good to purge the things you don’t need from time to time, there are sure to be plenty of belongings that you simply don’t want to part with.

Storage space can quickly become a concern, though. To mitigate the concerns and ensure you have plenty of storage space, it’s a great idea to include a walk-in wardrobe in your new custom home design.

Here are some ideas to consider to create the best possible custom home wardrobe.

Maximise Your Space
The point of a custom home wardrobe is to prevent clutter and keep your home feeling luxurious. Look for any way you can to get the most of the space you have dedicated to your walk-in wardrobe. This will ensure your wardrobe can accommodate all of your clothes and accessories.

For example, ensure that you use both the wall-to-wall space and the floor-to-ceiling space. That means putting some shelves up high and creating small storage spaces in every corner.

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Custom Home Wardrobes – Oceanview Constructions Redlands

Don’t Ignore Your Lighting
A home with a large walk-in wardrobe should have a sense of luxury. Don’t spoil a beautifully designed walk-in wardrobe with dim lighting

To show off your space, you’ll want to light the whole wardrobe. A single bulb simply won’t do the trick. If possible, installing recessed light bulbs along the entire area will provide ample lighting and beautiful finishing touch. You may also want to add a feature light to add an extra touch of glamour.

Include Plenty of Hanging Rails
Hanging rails are a vital component of your custom home wardrobe, so be sure to include plenty of options for hanging your clothes when you are designing. Don’t worry about having too much rail space: you can always hang jeans, pants, and t-shirts in addition to the typical hanging dress shirts and jackets. This may even eliminate the need for a dresser.

Another tip for your hanging rails is to think about the height. Ensure they are high enough for longer articles of clothing to hang without touching the floor, and also leave space to include shoe storage as well.

Include a Mirror
A full-length mirror is an excellent addition to your walk-in wardrobe. You can add a lot of convenience to your morning routine if you can get dressed and check how your chosen attire looks without ever leaving your walk-in wardrobe.

Not only is a mirror helpful in checking your appearance, but a well-placed mirror also helps give the illusion of space and bounces the light around the room. You’re going for a luxury look aand feel with your design, so adding the illusion of an even larger space can bring it all together.

Organise and Separate
Being able to store many clothes, shoes, hats, and other accessories is excellent. However, if you don’t keep things adequately organised it can become frustrating to find what you’re looking for.

Try to create special sections of your custom home wardrobe for different types of items. Use special racks for all your shoes and keep them together. Utilise a single shelf–or group of shelves–for your collection of hats. Organise your hanging clothes based on the type of clothing.

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