One of the hottest trends in the home design space is the upscale resort look. This design choice should come as no surprise; there’s a reason people love going to beautiful resorts. They are relaxing, luxurious, and provide a high level of comfort. Why wouldn’t you want the same feeling in your home?

Coming up with design ideas can be challenging even if you have an overall theme in mind, though. We’re going to help you out with the brainstorming process. Here are some critical components to consider in your resort style custom home.

Stick to Neutral Colour Tones
If you’ve ever been to a gorgeous resort, you may have noticed that the colour schemes tend to be very neutral. You aren’t likely to find bright, vibrant colours, nor will you find many resorts with a dark colour scheme.

Instead of bold themes, stick with colours such as tan and cream tones. After all, where are resorts most frequently found? On the oceanside, of course! Emulating the colours of this environment is a good rule of thumb. Think about the colour of a beautiful sandy beach and use that as your inspiration.

Think Big and Spacious
A resort has a grand and luxurious feel to it. Part of what gives off this allure is the sense of open space created by the architectural design choices. Resorts tend to have large, eye-catching windows and high ceilings to give off the feel of grandeur.

When building luxurious custom homes with a resort theme, it’s important to replicate that same feeling. You can accomplish this by including large windows and high, vaulted ceilings. Give yourself and any company who visits the full experience of being in a resort; that means replicating how a resort makes you feel.

Consider Adding a Pool
Have you ever been to a resort that didn’t have a pool? Neither have I.

If you’re going for an authentic resort style custom home design, the absence of a pool would be a shame.  There’s little in the world more relaxing than swimming a few laps before sitting poolside to bask in the comforting rays of the sun. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your home truly feel like a luxurious resort by omitting the pool.

Pay Attention to the Floors
When you’re designing your resort style custom home, it’s easy to get caught up in the walls, ceilings, landscaping, and other details. While these are all important, don’t let them detract from the importance of your flooring decision.

Think of the resorts you’ve either been to or seen in photographs, and you’ll note the beautiful timber flooring and woven natural floor mats. We’re talking about a beachside paradise here, and the flooring should give off this vibe just as well as your wall and ceiling choices.

Resort Style Custom Home - Oceanview Constructions Redlands (2)

Resort Style Custom Home – Oceanview Constructions Redlands (1)

Include Lush Greenery
Another feature you’ll notice in many popular resorts is the inclusion of indoor plants. You don’t have to go all out and create an indoor garden–though this would be a beautiful feature–but you should consider placing plenty of beautiful plants in your resort-inspired home design. Plants are viewed by many as very calming, and this sense of peace and relaxation adds a tremendous touch.

Are You Ready to Get Started?
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