When designing your custom home, we consider the style of your bathroom to be just as important as the impact of your main entrance. Bathrooms, strangely enough, present a unique design opportunity! From your tub to the taps, mirrors, lighting, and the tiles, here, you can truly express your personal taste in the fine details.

Custom bathroom tiles present an ideal way to add personality to your home at an affordable price. What should you consider when making your choice? Here’s a look at some of the current custom bathroom tiling trends. Let the dreaming begin!

Adding Feature Tiling to Bathroom Walls
There are thousands of custom bathroom tiles to choose from on the market. Feature tiling is different from what it once was. In times past, feature tiles often consisted of a picture tile that was used sparingly throughout a bathroom. Just one or two of these tiles might be present. Another popular idea was to create a tile border that ran the full perimeter of the room.

While these approaches may still resonate today, bathroom design has truly pushed the envelope. Now, many bathrooms have an entire feature wall. This wall contrasts the rest of the bathroom tile, creating a stunning, contemporary look.

Feature tiling can come in uniquely shaped tiles, eye-catching patterns, or simply tiles that present a contrast to the rest of the room. You might go for a vertical line of custom feature tile, running from floor to ceiling in a beautiful line. This approach can involve smaller, more ornate tiles, but it doesn’t have to. A different colour or a varying texture can also work surprisingly well!

Custom Home Bathroom Tiling Trends

Feature Tiling On Your Bathroom Floor
We love bathroom tiling trends and whether you choose stone, glass, marble, ceramic or porcelain, feature tiling on the floor is sure to make a statement. Often, this means the colour of your walls and fixtures takes a backseat. Ornate, detailed patterns on your bathroom floor can certainly provide a wow-factor. Feature floor tile can also come in sophisticated shapes like hexagons.

Adding Feature Tiles to Your Shower
Your shower tile can be the perfect place to add some flare. You might choose one entire wall to highlight or create an artistic floor-to-ceiling strip in just one section.  Consider your bathroom tile as a part of the design of the entire room by mixing textures, lines, and colours for the best effect.

Custom Home Bathroom Tiling Trends

Investing in a Shower Niche
Calming white tile offers a timeless, crisp, clean feel that pairs seamlessly with your custom home.  If you choose white tiles in your bathroom, a great way to add a touch of colour is by installing a bathroom shower niche. A shower niche is a recessed shelf in the wall that’s tiled and waterproof. This makes a small place to rest your shampoo and other soaps, eliminating the need for a shower rack. Bathroom tiling trends don’t get any more popular than the feature tile in a shower niche. This style can complement your bathroom as you’ll get full functionality with a spa-like feel!

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