As we gear up to step into 2024, we are looking at the world of interior design that is evolving with innovative concepts, breathtaking aesthetics, and a renewed focus on personalised spaces. Individuality is back which allows for a broader range of styles to coexist amongst luxury custom homes.

If you’re embarking on a custom home design, read on as we, one of Brisbane’s leading custom home builders, explore some of the designs we expect to see in the most luxurious homes in 2024.

Sustainability Is Still a Winner

Sustainability is where quality and consciousness have become key drivers of interior design. As a collective, we’ve all become more planet-aware and we’re now looking for materials and styles that are going to last for many years to come. We want to style our homes with high-quality, sustainable furnishings that will stand the test of time.  Designers are increasingly recognising the importance of creating environments that not only aesthetically please but also minimise their ecological footprint.

To achieve this goal in your custom home design, energy-efficient lighting and heating solutions, as well as water-saving fixtures, are becoming integral components of sustainable interior designs. The concept extends beyond the construction phase to encompass the lifespan of the space, prompting a focus on durability and adaptability.

A Hellenistic Revival for 2024


We’ve fallen back in love with Ancient Greece, Athenian columns and timeless Mediterranean architecture. Greece is the word on the street for 2024.

That Mykonos blue colour that we see across the doors and shutters of the Greek islands is on track to be a popular trend in custom home design for 2024. If this style catches your eye, consider featuring it throughout some of your soft furnishings.

The southern European theme gets picked up for walls, too, with neo-classical wallpapers and pinkish-brown Venetian plaster tones. A plain white wall is shifting out as naturally textured surfaces, whether polished or matte are in.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Including a connection of nature in a custom home design continues to dominate interior design. We in Brisbane and Queensland at large embrace moving from the outdoors to the indoors seamlessly. We celebrate our favourable climate with our design while knowing that connections to nature are an excellent tonic for our overall mental well-being.

Creating a lush outdoor entertaining space that transitions easily from the kitchen area is a must. It could be bi-fold doors that lead to an alfresco finished with a large timber deck. Be sure to include live foliage in your interior to connect to your outdoor spaces.

Colour-Drenching is “In”

When embarking on a custom home design, you need to consider your structural design with your interior design simultaneously. When designing a room, colour drenching means choosing your colour of choice and making it a feature of the room. This can be achieved within a variety of textures and in different hues.

The most popular shades of 2024 are likely to be soft yellows, rusty browns, pastel pinks and almost any shade of blue. Olive and racing greens are out of favour, considered somewhat passé. Bright colours that reflect more playful and relaxed living are likely to emerge.

The message within this trend is to be brave and apply a variety of the same shades of colour in one room. This is going to be cutting-edge in custom home design in 2024.

Curves Over Squares

Softer, rounder edges remain the preferred choice for doorways, arches, bench tops and furniture. Industrial, hard-edged kitchen countertops are excluded from the design portfolios for 2024.

Incorporating curves into your custom home design needs to be done with care. They require thinking through so they fit seamlessly with the overall design of your luxury custom-built home.

Flooring As a Feature in Your Home

In the anticipated interior design landscape of 2024, statement floors are tipped to compete with centre stage. The shift towards personalised spaces has given rise to the popularity of features within your flooring..

This trend transforms flooring that is often overlooked into bespoke canvases, complete with colour and texture. This is a node to infuse a sense of individuality and warmth into the home. From intricate geometric patterns to harmonious blends of colour, luxurious custom-designed floors elevate the aesthetic of the overall custom home design.

Spaces Where We Can Unwind

The past few years have seen a growth in mental health awareness. Many of us have experienced the benefits of looking after ourselves better by including mindfulness, meditation, reading or yoga in our daily lives.

This shift within has bloomed an interior design trend where we need to create a “zen space” where we can escape to as somewhere to recharge and refresh our minds. It could be a spa or a plunge pool, but it could also mean marking out a quiet zone in the home complete with calming tones. This defined space adds a layer of liveability to your luxurious home.

Build Your Custom Home Design With Oceanview Constructions

From sustainable and colour-drenched spaces to creating a zen zone, 2024 is shaping up for a year of interesting aesthetics. Whether you are opting to build an interesting home with pops of colour or adding warmth with curves, building a luxury custom home with a reputable builder is a must. When it comes to building custom-built homes in Brisbane, Oceanview Constructions is your builder of choice.

To begin your exciting building journey, contact us at Oceanview Constructions, a Brisbane custom home builder you can trust.