You want your custom home to breathe with natural light. Large windows, minimalist design and light-coloured surfaces all contribute to making this happen. That being said, the lighting you choose for your home shouldn’t be forgotten because it can create essential ambience, with form and function working to complement each other.

Where to start? Read on to discover some custom home lighting inspiration!

Wall Lights
Installed on your wall they might shine up towards the ceiling highlighting those custom architectural features, or down towards the floor, or even in both directions. The benefit of this type of lighting is that it can add mood and character without being a large focal point or taking up too much space.

Wall lighting can be found in many places. It typically adorns hallways and corridors, bedside table areas, bathroom walls, living room walls and entrance halls. Wall lights can brighten up a dim corner with soft light and in pairs or triplets, these lights can also provide visual balance and help to highlight a large feature wall.

Tips: you want to ensure your wall lights are positioned high enough so that you don’t bump into them. You may also want to install these with a dimmer to match the time of day.

Custom Home Lighting Inspiration | Oceanview Constructions Redlands

Like wall lights, downlights take up little space but add a great deal of style and detail to your home. Installed in your ceiling, they’re often found in living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. Flexible and compatible, downlights can work well in any area of your home.

In addition to their simple elegance, some of the benefits of downlights include a low temperature, long-life (lasting up to 10,000 hours and longer), and a lower level of energy consumption. Compared with traditional light bulbs or halogen lights, downlights can consume up to 85% less energy. Downlights can even consume considerably less energy than CFL lights.

Get full-room ambient lighting with downlights or highlight specific pieces of art or custom features in your home.

Accent Lighting
Another custom home lighting inspiration is accent lighting. Accent lighting does just what it says: it puts emphasis on a specific area of your home, making it pop with warmth and mood. You can find accent lighting under and behind bookshelves to highlight artifacts, illuminating the edges of staircases, highlighting contours on the ceiling, and more.Accent lighting can also be a prominent part of your outdoor areas. Our team will work with you to help you make the best choices in lighting to reflect your architectural vision.

Feature Lighting
When it comes to making a bold statement to match the unique style of your custom home, feature lighting can be the perfect answer. From impressionable pendant lighting over a dining table to design-focused ceiling fixtures in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or main entrance, feature lighting gives you a lot to play with.

Highlight your coastal location with wooden textures, earth tones, crisp whites, and natural elements. Consider the use of the room and your decor when choosing a feature light and have it blend in, rather than act as a contrasting piece. Feature lighting is one of the most flexible types of lighting and even LED lights and floor lamps can fall in this category.​​ The scope and feel of your feature lighting is up to your imagination and the style you’re looking to recreate.

Custom Home Lighting Inspiration | Oceanview Constructions Redlands

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