When you’re designing a home of quality and distinction, you need the right style to match.

Choosing the décor to fit your home may be the fun bit but custom home trends come and go like the ebb and flow of the tide. You need to stay ahead of the game and know what’s de rigueur and what’s no longer à la mode

Read on for the home design trends for 2023 that you need to incorporate into your custom dream home in Brisbane Bayside.

Warm, Mood-Lifting Colour Tones

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The concept of colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is as old as time immemorial. It has its roots in the belief that particular colours can have an impact on our physical and mental well-being. Subtle mood changes might get triggered by the shades and hues that surround us so we live and feel happier.

“Dopamine décor” is a term that’s getting bandied around in all the latest interior design chatter. Along with serotonin, dopamine acts as one of our happiness hormones.

The idea behind the turn of phrase is that bold and bright colours can create feelings of optimism.

Perhaps a natural design consequence of the pandemic, there’s been a rise recently in the use of rich, earthy tones such as natural browns and greens. Wallpapers with bright forested and jungle landscapes have crept into kitchens and living areas. Those with spectacular alfresco-style scenes are also becoming popular.

Design experts are going for warmer colour-toned natural wood and timber. That’s along with timber-look porcelain tiles. These are replacing the cooler, neutral shades for a more vibrant, warm and homely look. Take a look at some of our custom home designs to give you inspiration.

Furniture is not immune to this shift towards colourful cheer. Cream sofas are getting replaced with brightly, designed pieces covered in geometric shapes.

Artwork too needs a splash or 2 of sharp distinct colour. It’s becoming fashionable to leave paintings on the floor leaning casually against bookshelves. Instead of hanging them on walls, it gives a more loft-cum-studio look.

Plain White Walls for Contrast

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Despite the rush on colour, there’s always space for a plain white wall to show off all those warmer colour tones. They set off the brighter shades so that they still remain the stars of the show.

There’s also plenty of room for touches of European-style architecture. These include columns and white-curved arches that are becoming more and more on-trend. Talk to your custom home builder about adding this look or another you have in mind to your custom dream home in Brisbane.

With 2023’s home design trends, we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of arched storage units, wardrobes, headboards and mirrors too. We’d expect to see a continuing shift to more arched shower screens, windows, doorways and shelves. The same applies to drinks cabinets, sideboards and stools.

This desire for arches is in response to a move towards more organic interiors with fewer sharp corners and hard lines. We’re looking for softness, and arches deliver precisely that.

You’ll also find arches finding their way into alcoves in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as arched doors being as popular as ever.

Geometric Designs

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The use of checks and angular shapes on fabrics has been taking off in the design world. They can add a certain grandeur and surprise element to a room.

Geometric patterns have long played a part in architectural design so they leave an impression of timelessness. They’re great to play around with so that they suit the style you’re looking for in your home.

Whether you’re going for something traditional or more modern, you can make geometric patterns work. You can do this by making use of your colour scheme and lighting so they become a feature.

Texture and Touch

Textured materials and surfaces in all their forms add depth and warmth to your design. This could be natural timber flooring, the fabric you choose for pieces of furniture along with cushions and lampshades.

When selecting products like tiles or mosaics, you should consider textured options. In the past, we may have often relegated them to a feature wall but you could ask your custom home builder to use them more diversely throughout your home.


Sustainability and Saving the Planet

Survey after survey has shown that Australians put the environment as one of the most important issues they care about. Unless there’s a solution to climate change, there’s no reason to assume that the drive towards sustainability is going to decrease.

Design and architecture are reflecting this huge interest in environmental issues and the desire to get closer to nature. The move to greener energy is on the rise and considerations around sustainable architecture are seeping into home design trends.

Designers have become more aware of how key design elements could interact with the surrounding environment. So, along with reusable energy, sustainable fabrics and environmentally-friendly materials are in high demand along with cleaning products that are better for the planet.

Making use of available natural light to reduce our reliance on electric lighting is another of the custom home trends that are on the rise.

Make a Statement with Stone

stone facade | custom home styles

Natural stone is one of those ever-popular luxury materials. But, the production of manufactured porcelain tiles that are less expensive and can look like the real thing is having a huge impact.

Interior designers are using natural stone styles in a bolder way by designing what we refer to as “statement stone.” This could include putting up a slab of natural stone on a feature wall, countertop or somewhere where it’s the highlight and makes an impact.

Marble is particularly popular due to the elegant and grand look it inspires. You should also consider adding more style to your bathroom with a concrete basin or chrome fixtures.

Other custom home trends like backlit mirrors along with terrazzo floors are becoming popular for bathrooms. There’s also high demand for ample storage and a comfortable, spacious shower and bathtub too.

Modern Mixed with Traditional Styles

Antique pieces or even second-hand treasures mixed with modern favourites are becoming a key design trend. We may see more minimalist designs taking a back seat.

There’s plenty of evidence that recycling is on the up with homeowners looking to reuse traditional furniture and furnishings as a more environmentally friendly option.

Classic sofas and ottomans, antique lamps and art deco pieces are making a comeback.

Workspace with Style

With so many of us working remotely now, there’s a big focus on the space we use in the home as our office. It’s become one of the biggest shifts in home design trends. We want somewhere that’s comfortable but stylish and where we’ll enjoy working.

That could mean incorporating elements like a comfy antique sofa, marble-topped desk, brightly coloured wallpaper or distinctive style of floor tile. We’re also seeing a rise in the number of homeowners wanting to dedicate more space to where they can relax. That could be by installing a spa or sauna for example.

The push is on to make our homes work better for us as we spend more and more time in them.

Laundry Rooms Designs

Last but not least comes the often-overlooked, humble laundry room. Check out any home design topic on social media and you’re likely to soon spot a laundry room renovation or 2. They’ve become a must-do for many interior designers.

Bright, textured tiles and artwork splashed with colour are taking off to boost the mood when we’re dealing with washing, drying or ironing.

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