First impressions count, many of us know if we’re attracted to someone in the first 90 seconds of a meeting.

It’s a similar story in other aspects of life. We’re fickled creatures, often quick to make judgements about what we see and take appropriate action as a result. Think of the front door designs of a house like the expression on your face. It gives a lot away.

Make a statement as we look at the vast array of custom front door designs that can help your home stand out from the crowd.

That Coming Home Feeling

Timber Front Door| From Coastal to Classic: Front Door Designs That Will Make Your Custom Home Unique

Whenever we’ve been away, perhaps on business or a well-earned break, nothing beats the warm glow we feel when we reach home. It’s our safe place, somewhere we belong and can recharge.

The sight of our front door can relax even the tensest shoulders. It’s our first point of contact and will lead us into familiar territory. It’s therefore essential that your front door is an attention grabber. It needs to offer a little insight into you and your lifestyle.

Different types of colours, finishes, fixtures and materials all contribute to the overall impression you wish to create. What matters is that your front door is a good aesthetic match for both the rest of the building and the welcome you wish to generate.

Security, maintenance and durability are other considerations you’ll also wish to take into account. A premium design, combined with skilled installation and high-grade materials can help your front door last longer.

Remember that a badly fitted or maintained front door isn’t simply a potential security risk. It’s also likely to significantly affect the optimum temperature in your home.

Different Styles of Front Doors

The great advantage of a custom front door for your custom home is that you get to choose the size, shape, design and materials. From glass sidelights, solid timber, metal, decorative glass, pivot, and sliding, the choices are endless.

How to Use Glass Effectively

Glass Panel Door | From Coastal to Classic: Front Door Designs That Will Make Your Custom Home Unique

Glass and the part played by light shining through a front door can make or break the style you’re looking for. For some people, clear glass is off-limits because they feel it may compromise privacy. Frosted glass may be an alternative but there are other options too.

Your heart may be set on huge clear glass panels in your front door. You may though have concerns about the strength of the mid-morning sun or about front-hall privacy.

Installing a set of blinds or even door curtains that you can raise and lower whenever it suits you could be a practical solution. If you go for a front door the majority of which is glass, blinds would allow for a compromise between light, privacy, and glass clarity.

You could also choose a wooden door with 8-12 small panes of glass within the main body. These allow light in and out without jeopardising privacy. Coloured or stained glass is another option. Here, the colour can team up beautifully with a playful pattern created by the lead light.

Glass framing around a front door can ensure that the hallway always gets plenty of natural light. A side light on either side of the front door or even above it can be very effective.

A ​​contemporary glass front door can combine with a wooden ceiling to give the impression that you are already inside. This can be really useful if you wish to give the sensation that a garden and hallway are part of the same space.

The Most Popular Colour Choices for Front Doors

From Coastal to Classic: Front Door Designs That Will Make Your Custom Home Unique

This year’s choice of front doors needs to be bold. Bright reds, yellows, teals and blues are all de rigour.

Colours have the ability to affect our moods and emotions. Anyone who is marketing or launching a new product will tell you the important role colour can play in increasing their brand’s appeal.

Here’s a little about some of the connections we can make with particular colours:

  • Red: excitement, strength, love and energy
  • Orange: confidence, success, bravery and sociability
  • Yellow: happiness, warmth and creativity
  • Blue: trust, peace, loyalty and competence
  • Green: nature, healing and freshness
  • Purple: royalty, luxury and spirituality
  • White: cleanliness, simplicity, innocence and honesty

Although tone can affect how we feel and act, there can be other factors at play too. However, the concept of colour psychology is very popular in marketing, art, design and fashion as we inadvertently connect colours with particular emotions.

Timber stain and classic shades have traditionally led the way as one of the most popular front door colours. This year the fashion is to make more of a statement with a brighter, bolder shade.

The Impact of Your Front Door

Front doors play an integral part in the value of your home’s curb appeal. They act as a crowd-puller attracting attention from both visitors and strangers who will weigh up and judge your home simply by looking at its most prominent feature.

If you’re investing in a special custom door, you should also remember to frame it carefully so that you show it off in all its glory.

Handles, knobs and fixtures and fittings all play their part. You might also incorporate potted plants, statues or patterned tiling to set off the look you’re trying to achieve. Each can contribute to the drama of an entrance.

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