A Hamptons-inspired home is the perfect blend of sophisticated and elegant design. It brings together a warm coastal feel with a touch of modern finishes. Here are five design elements that you can add to your custom home to create The Hamptons style of your dreams!

1. Hardwood Floors
Solid hardwood floors are the perfect foundation for your Brisbane custom home. Not only is this flooring sturdy and durable, but it also serves as a dark contrast to the bright colours commonly found in Hamptons-style homes. Hardwood floors are also an important aspect of Hamptons inspired homes because they reflect a natural aesthetic and allow your coastal beach theme to shine. Remember not to stain them too dark so you can let the natural beauty of the wood to come through.

2. White Cladding Façade
When it comes to selecting your façade, you need to embrace white cladding and weatherboards. This type of material allows for a crisp exterior and a fresh look that is unmistakably Hamptons inspired. The white colours also emphasise the light and airy feel that your Brisbane custom home is trying to create. For your outdoor entertainment area, some colourful rattan furniture can provide a stark contrast and tie the theme together nicely.

3. Colonial Windows
Since a custom home designed with the Hamptons in mind aims to be light, bright, and fresh, colonial windows are a must. These large windows will allow natural light to flow through your home so that you can create that relaxing, coastal feel. Colonial windows also help create that whitewashed feel that Hampton’s inspired custom homes are known for. At the same time, these windows provide an elegant and sophisticated feature to your home.

4. Neutral Colours
When selecting a colour scheme for your Hamptons inspired home, stick with neutral colours like white, soft yellows, and pale greens. These warm neutral colours pair extremely well with coastal blues ranging from baby blue right through to the nautical navy. If you would like, you can also incorporate grey tones and black accents to create a bit of a contrast with your furniture and decor. Remember that Hamptons style focuses on a cool and relaxed feel, so you don’t want too many busy and bright colours to detract from that.

5. Nautical Themes
Nautical themes in your decor will allow you to bring your Hamptons inspired custom home to life. Think of cushions with natural textures and navy stripes or nautical rugs to keep this style authentic. You can also incorporate beachy and natural themes to your decor by using patterns that resemble waves, seashells, and sand. The texture is extremely important, so consider something like a large piece of driftwood on the coffee table or a collection of seashells in a jar. Other items like rope baskets and cashmere throws will give you some eye-catching features and emphasise the nautical themes in your home.

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