When you work with a multi award-winning Brisbane custom home builder, one of the most important decisions you will make is how to design your homes façade. There are so many options to choose from, so how do you make the right choice?

Your home’s façade is the first thing people will see, so it needs to make an unforgettable first impression.

This guide will help you understand various styles so you can decide which aesthetic is the right fit for you. Remember, your façade will greatly depend on the layout of your home and block size so it’s important to discuss all these options with your builder.

Metal, Steel, and Other Industrial Look Façades

Industrial style façades are fashioned from metal, steel, and concrete. This style aims to provide an instant bold first impression while still maintaining a sense of simplicity.

large windows and aluminium cladding allow for the perfect amount of natural light and a lasting style that will remain relevant and modern for years to come.

Industrial designs are all about appreciating the materials the façade is made of. There is no need to cover up the steel or metal framing, but you can incorporate some nice finishing touches like glass and or tiles to tie it all together!
If you are looking for a home that is unique but still stylish and modern, consider using metal or steel in your custom designed façade.

Modern and Minimalistic Façades

Another option for your home façade – that your custom home builder can help you design – is one that is contemporary and minimalistic. These types of homes focus on clean lines and geometric shapes that are very eye-catching and visually appealing.

If you’re looking for a home that gives visitors the WOW factor you are looking for, consider a modern design. Check out this home that uses neutral colours like white and light browns to let the architecture of the home speak for itself. The square and rectangle shapes are other common characteristics of these types of homes. What home are you talking about?

The key here is elegance, and it is important to ensure that the home façade flows together with the rest of the neighbourhood and the landscaping around it. With this type of design, you can get very creative with complementing features and feature walls.

All of these added features will emphasise the architecture and geometric shapes found in your modern and minimalistic façade!

Stone and Natural Facades

Another option you may want to talk to your Bayside builder about is selecting a natural façade that incorporates stone. These homes look more natural than an industrial or modern façade does, but they are very beautiful and can be the perfect exterior for your dream home!
As you can see in this photo, the goal of this design style is to make things look as natural as possible. The cool colours in the stone provide a contrast for the rest of the façade and make for a great conversation piece.

The natural and beauty of stone creates a unique feature that removes the need for a painted feature wall. The colours of the stone will change with the sunlight and then change completely again if the stone becomes wet during a storm, always looking different and attractive.

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Oceanview Constructions is your go-to Brisbane custom home builder. Our goal is to design award-winning custom homes that are unique to you and your family – there is no one else out there like you, and your home façade should be no different!

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, our experts will sit down with you to learn about your family and determine how to create a custom space that is perfect for you.