The devil is in the detail. There are few things more disappointing than walking into a brand new, beautiful, custom built home, only to find corners cut and a mismatch of poorly placed colours or textures. Appreciation of the time and skill that goes into a build can dissipate in the blink of an eye due to poor finishing touches. The finer points of a custom built kitchen deserve careful consideration. That includes benchtops, tiles and splashbacks. Find out how to ‘get it right’ as we weigh up the key factors when choosing your custom kitchen splashback.

How Splashbacks Can ‘Make or Break’ a Kitchen

A custom kitchen splashback has multiple purposes. Its primary purpose is to protect plasterboard from water and to be used as a heat retardant from cooktops, this is why they are primarily installed in the main kitchen. However, as butler’s pantries become more popular it can also act as an aesthetic backdrop. Depending on the design, it could even be a custom kitchen focal point.

When you enter a kitchen, your eye may get immediately drawn to the tiles, the benchtop or even the lighting. A splashback needs to fit or blend into the mix in a way that’s appropriate to the style you’re looking for. Take two classic examples. Let’s say there’s a lot going on already, such as designer lighting, mosaic tiles or a shiny colourful benchtop. A plain splashback in a soft single colour may give the minimalist nudge that the kitchen needs. On the other hand, the kitchen may already have a minimalist but sophisticated feel. If you want to lift the mood, then a patterned or unusual splashback could work as the star attraction.

Try raw brickwork as a feature splashback, for a more rustic

Splashback Solutions

Inspiration often comes from styles and materials that others have found work particularly well. Here are some tried and tested examples that some of our customers have shared with us:

1.   Stone Slab
Some people simply don’t like tiles. Others may already have a granite or marble countertop. Either way, extending the stone effect vertically once it meets the wall can create a great impression. You’re left with this thought: someone has clearly thought this through. What matters is the design. There is a danger that the look could feel over-contrived if the veining on the stone is already very finely detailed. In this instance, a plain stone in a similar colour can be more effective and dramatic.

2.   Stainless Steel
There’s an industrial style associated with stainless steel kitchen splashbacks. There are good reasons why restaurants often use them. They’re durable and surprisingly easy to clean. Stainless steel screams functionality but in a broader sense, that’s not just limited to family life. It adds an extra dimension that says something more sophisticated is going on. It’s also possible to get a stainless-steel splashback embossed with a favourite design.

3.   Mosaic Tiles
These often tend to be quite busy and intricate. That makes them ideal if you’re looking for a splashback that’s going to stand out or even become the kitchen’s main visual attraction. They’ll generally come as one sheet made up of small squares of ceramic, porcelain, or clay material. A mosaic splashback can be a great way to add colour to a custom home if you think your kitchen is going to look too clinical and white.

The way the shapes are set is also an important factor. Give some thought to whether diagonals, a herringbone or chevron effect might work best. This may depend on the shape of the room and its other key features.

4. A Single Glass Sheet
Glass is not an obvious choice for a custom kitchen splashback however it is quite popular. It’s totally impervious which is why we use it for windows and shower surrounds and the effects in a properly designed custom kitchen are outstanding.

Here are some real-life examples of when it really can come into its own:

  • Make the splashback a full length window.
  • When minimalism is the kitchen’s key ingredient, there are many options for back coloured glass and can even be designed with a metallic finish.
  • Glass covering over wallpaper.

Wallpapers filled with images of tropical trees from the jungle and nature’s green colours have become increasingly popular in kitchens. They bring elements of the great outdoors into the home. Glass splashbacks are an excellent way to protect and cover the wallpaper. They do this without disturbing the continuity of the wallpaper design.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, when minimalism needs protection at all costs, then a glass splashback is the clear winner every time. It protects without detracting from the kitchen design’s overall effect.

Glass and mosaic splashbacks for class and sophistication.

Some Practical Considerations

Getting the aesthetics right must match what’s possible in a practical sense. Here are some key dependencies:

  1. Height
    The standard height for a kitchen splashback is 600mm but this should act as a guide rather than a rule. Custom-made kitchens may need a custom splashback to fit. Many people also choose splashbacks that are far higher. Splashbacks need to be functional too, so it is worth weighing up how well-used your kitchen is likely to be.
  2. Benchtops
    Your benchtops are going to be your splashback’s closest neighbour. They need to get along, so be sure that they work together in a way that suits you or your particular taste. Contrasting colours, minimalism, and matching textures could all be at play here.
  3. A Focal Point
    All rooms need one and a splashback could be the ‘eye-draw’ you’re looking for in certain kitchen designs. It might be worth being brave and going the extra mile to finish off your new dream custom-made kitchen.

A creative and unique splashback idea is to use your children’s art work behind glass.

Stylish Custom Kitchen Splashbacks

Oceanview Constructions are custom home builders who believe all Redland’s new homes deserve quality and style. It’s often the finishing touches to a custom-made home that can make all the difference.
We encourage our Brisbane customers to consider the finer details, down to the last fixture or fitting, including splashbacks.

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