Should You Mix or Match When it Comes to the Colours in Your Home?

Some colours are timeless. Black, white, cream and grey are all regulars on the rotating roster. But some colours eclipse them, only for a moment, but still with enough aesthetic appeal and interest that many are tempted to indulge in the hue. One year it’s all about dusty pinks and brassy tones, the next it’s forest green and natural wood!

No matter the changing styles and subsequent colours you have chosen for your home then or now, it is always important to know when to match and when to contrast. The way you mix and match colours can make or break the aesthetic of your new home, no matter which colour trend it resides in.

The colour trends of 2020 have seen moodier hues take centre stage. Dark, rich colours that envelop us and turn our homes into the retreats we all crave, especially during these uncertain times. But with great darkened colours comes great responsibility, the way we match and contrast these winter shades in every space of the home makes or breaks a home’s uncanny wholesomeness.

So how do we correctly match and contrast colours in each area of the home? How do we make a cohesive colour palette that remains timeless and elegant in every room?

When it comes to the bathrooms of the house, should they all match?
The overall consensus is that although they don’t have to be replicas of each other, they should match the aesthetic of the home for optimal cohesion. Consider a theme. It’s essential to distinguish a unified look that will accent and tie your bathrooms together. Even if that theme is rainbow hues and outrageous décor, it still fits into the eclectic theme. An easy way to bring cohesion amongst bathrooms is the use of a feature wall in each. Whether they are the same or broken up amongst other accents, a feature wall of tile, stone, or exposed brick can help unify the utilities.

Should my kitchen cabinetry match? What about the benchtops?
Kitchen cabinetry can match, but it makes for a very dull palette. The best part about kitchen cabinetry and the kitchen itself is that you find yourself using cupboards and utilities both above and below the sink. Contrast the colours between the two for more personality and style. Two complimenting colours are better than one, and kitchen cabinetry allows you to the affordability and ease of displaying your unique tastes.

When it comes to benchtops, matching them with one of your contrasting cabinetry colours brings more cohesion to the whole space. But you can also use more textured and patterned pieces to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic further. For example, combine dark, moody hues with soft beige and rustic natural wood for a winning combination of 2020’s top favourite colours.

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