Today, more homeowners are opting for the addition of a dark home exterior and weaving those elements throughout the home too. If well-executed, dark colours can be cosy, full of life, and dramatic. But, if you want to embrace the dark side, you need to know how to avoid the gloom associated with these colours.

Here are some helpful tips for using dark colours successfully in your custom home.

Create Distinction
If you are choosing a dark home exterior for your new custom home then opt for a high-contrast colour to set you apart from the crowd. Add in some crisp white features by picking out aspects of your architecture or add in a contrasting front door for added street appeal.

You can also mix darker colours with other fixtures for an exciting dark home exterior. For example, choosing dark garage doors, including warm brick features, adding contrasting cladding, along with metal wall sconces all create a distinctive variation in texture. It also adds depth, charm, character, and interest to the exterior of your home.

Use Dark Colours for Contrast
Consider using dark colours for contrast if you don’t want to go all-out with the colour. If your home’s exterior or interior walls are painted white, using dark coloured windows will create a beautiful contrast. When used to create contrast, dark colours add a graphic element to your home’s décor, making your spaces livelier.

Another way to bring bold dark colours into your home is by using them as a second dominant colour. Whether you prefer black or similar dark hues, they look great when paired with white, pink, and other lighter contrasting colours. For example, if your kitchen walls are painted white, installing dark cabinets and black appliances gives the space an edgy and contemporary look, keeping with that darker theme.

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Oceanview Constructions – Dark Home Features

Use Dark Patterns Carefully
Patterns can really uplift dark colours, so think about including them in your new custom home. However, avoid using more than two dark colours in one room or you risk overdoing it. We recommend you use patterns thoughtfully, and when in doubt, less is more! A great place to use patterns to their full effect is in your bathroom or ensuite tiles.

Use Invigorating Darks
Contrary to what you might think adark home exterior is not always dull. There are several invigorating darks that work in single story custom homes perfectly well. For this reason, we recommend you use energizing and crisp darks with your colour palette.

Keep the dark pallet bold and exciting by choosing blacks, dark navy or charcoal grey and consider mixing this with bold accents for some contrast.

Select the Right Room
All rooms can benefit from darker palettes and with a custom home, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to including some darker tones in your home. For example, dark custom kitchen cabinetry can offer a bold decadent statement. Pair this with light-coloured stone benchtops for an elegant, classy look! To keep the dark theme running throughout the home add some dark tiles to the bathroom, ensuite or powder room too. Dark tiles give a luxurious feel, providing any bathroom with a spa-like quality. Keep wall and floor times roughly the same size and bring smaller, ornate tiles to the shower to add some contrast. Add a touch of warmth by including a timber look benchtop in lighter tones.

If working from home has become a priority for you, you can also incorporate black custom desks, bookshelves, or wall units into the home office. Just make sure you have adequate lighting if you chose to add a dark colour to these interior walls.

Break It Up
If you decide to go all-dark in your single story custom home’s interior, consider breaking it up with the use of decorative wall mirrors or custom artwork. These elements help to reduce the number of dark walls you have on show while still keeping your overall design theme running right through your new home.

Summing Up: Let a Custom Home Builder Help!
Using a dark home exterior on your custom home can provide it with a unique curb appeal that is as individual as you are. Let us help you get those detail just right, by consulting with the experienced custom home building and design team at Oceanview Constructions.

We provide customised home building services that suit our clients’ tastes, needs and budgets. We understand that building your dream home is a lifetime investment, which is why we work together to bring those dreams to life. We specialise in all types of homes from single story to double storey custom homes on any sized block.

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