There are so many stylish and functional ways you can create additional storage in your custom-built home that suits your individual taste and style.
Whether you have hundreds of books you want to display, or an abundance of children’s toys you want to be able to tidy away quickly, custom designed storage solutions for your home is something Brisbane’s Bayside Builders, Oceanview Constructions, can help you design and make a reality. Here are some amazing in-built storage ideas to inspire you.

Under the stairs pull out drawers
Rather than losing all that space under your staircase, why not use this hidden storage area to its full potential? Either as a walk-in cupboard that houses your vacuum and mop or pull-out drawers for your shoes and slippers, this is a wonderful use of free space.

Custom designed wall mounted bookshelf
If you are dreaming of a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, or a dedicated reading nook with custom built cabinetry to store your favourite go-to reads, Oceanview Constructions can do it all. Whether you want to show off your collection or tuck it away, creative bookshelf designs are well worth a thought.

Flip-up door cabinets for most used kitchen items
Modern kitchens are all about simplicity and clutter-free bench tops. But as any homeowner knows, pulling out a kettle or a toaster every time you use it can be tiresome, and usually, these items end up living on the kitchen bench full time. The beauty of a flip-up cupboard is how its functionality meets aesthetic design and allows all your most used utensils to be stored away out of sight while remaining easily accessible.

Inbuilt storage ideas that are a MUST have in any custom-built home.

Built-in laundry drawers
Time is up on the freestanding unsightly laundry baskets of old. Not only are they unsightly they can be smelly when dirty laundry begins to pile up. When designing your bathroom or laundry room with Redlands custom home builders, Oceanview Constructions, you decide where you want the dirty laundry to be stored, and we can help you design and make the ideal inbuilt laundry system that suits your family and lifestyle.

Recessed bathroom shelving
Big, beautiful mirrors not only add style to a bathroom but also provide light and help the room appear larger. Why not go one step further and create storage behind your mirror with recessed shelving? This is a classic space-saving design that not only looks beautiful but also helps reduce clutter and keeps all your personal items out of sight.

Fold-out ironing board drawer
Combining smart design with practicality, a drawer containing a fold-out ironing board makes ironing even easier. Talk to us about including this in your custom home design. At Oceanview Constructions, we believe even the smallest details can make the biggest difference in your dream home.

Inbuilt storage ideas that are a MUST have in any custom-built home.

Walk-in Robes behind bedhead walls
The TV series The Block really showcased to Australians the luxury of walk-in-robes over traditional built-in robes. Particularly robes behind the headboard wall, which can turn the everyday task of getting dressed into an experience to savour. Storage choices are endless, and Oceanview Constructions will match your robe to your lifestyle and needs. For example, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and mood lighting can really add that extra touch of luxury. You’ll never take getting dressed for granted again!

Whatever your inbuilt storage design needs are, your Redlands and Brisbane Bayside custom home builders, Oceanview Constructions, can guide you through the design process to ensure your custom-built home fits every aspect of your life, including your belongings.

Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation on how we can make the custom home of your dreams come true.