Inspiring AND functional? We’re up for the challenge! We will work our magic if you want to turn corners of your garden into luxury outdoor living areas or a clinical indoor room into a stylish but multi-functional space.

We have the eye to transform spaces that would look right at home in the latest luxury coffee table magazine.

Living somewhere that lends itself to outdoor living automatically opens a world of luxury custom alfresco opportunities. Get inspired as we show you the possibilities.

Living Spaces with Kitchenette Areas

There’s nothing like inviting a group of friends over to show off one of Brisbane’s custom dream homes. But, when you’re longing to catch up, you don’t want to miss out on any of the details.

If you have a kitchen that’s totally separate from the living area, you’re not going to enjoy entertaining in, it can make things tricky. Take a step back. Is there a way you could strategically fit a small kitchen in your custom alfresco?

Queensland summers can be brutal. The solution could be a spacious area that’s light and airy as well as one that can double as a space to congregate. Include a kitchen area and that’s going to let you get on with preparing the drinks and canapés whilst having a good catch-up with friends and family.

A New Room with More Functions

Cool, luxurious floor tiles made to look like timber are ideal for warmer weather. Tiles provide a flooring surface that has an extremely long lifespan.

These timber-look tiles are durable in “high traffic” areas or where there’s exposure to the high Brisbane humidity. And timber-look tiles are also easy to maintain as there’s no need for re-sealing, re-sanding, or re-staining.

Outdoor Tiled Living

Grey-blue wicker-style furnishings will bring a taste of the outside indoors so that the whole feel is one of outdoor living. You can create separate dining and lounging areas within your custom alfresco to maximize functionality.

What was once a vast and clinical space has, all of a sudden become somewhere functional but chic. This is somewhere you can stand and chat over a kitchen-style bar, sit down and eat in a smart dining area or chill out in the lounge area.

Outdoor Kitchens and Kitchenettes

Brisbane boasts a humid subtropical climate with year-round warm to hot temperatures. It’s the stuff of dreams for much of the world’s population because the city, along with much of Queensland, lends itself to outdoor custom alfresco living for much of the year.

One of the joys of living in a place with this kind of climate is the opportunity to cook and eat outside. Take the inside out, by replacing the idea of a humble barbecue and rusty pair of tongs with a stylish range of carefully selected kitchen units. Turn an unused space that may quickly become tired and unloved into a culinary centrepiece.

Join the increasing number of city dwellers ready to tickle their taste buds in their own backyards. Designs have gone up several notches over the past decade or so with elaborate layouts fit for MasterChef Australia.

You can take the design of a luxury outdoor kitchen as far as you like. You could add benchtops, fridges, a sink and cupboards along with an ever-popular wood-fired oven.

Enjoy the Benefits

Outdoor kitchens are a great feature that will enhance the outdoor experience encouraging you and your family to enjoy spending more time outside. Here are some other benefits of luxury outdoor kitchens and kitchenettes in your custom alfresco:

  • They increase the value of your home
  • They expand your living space giving you more options
  • They’re great for entertaining
  • They’ll make your cooking tastier
  • You can save on eating out because eating in becomes the new “going out!”

Spending time outdoors is excellent for our health and well-being. Fresh air and sunshine can boost your mood whilst lowering stress and anxiety. Spending just a few minutes in the sun each day can increase our vitamin D to optimum levels.

Stylish and Practical

An outdoor kitchen is great when you’re entertaining. Being in an open area allows you the chance to spend time with your guests as you get the food ready. They can also take pleasure in watching their meal come to life.

By storing, prepping, and cooking all in one place, you won’t need to be constantly going back and forth to your indoor kitchen in order to prepare the salad while the main course is grilling outdoors on the barbecue. The result is a more relaxing experience for everyone.

Complete the space with lighting and speakers to make it the ultimate space to relax in.

Large Outdoor Kitchen

Built-in Barbecues and the Latest Style in Tiles

Creating your own outdoor kitchen or kitchenette space doesn’t mean sacrificing the traditional barbecue. We can build barbecues into the units so that they fit in with the style of your luxury outdoor kitchen.

The finishing pièce de résitance is often the much-overlooked, humble wall tile or splashback. Patterned greys and grey blues are de rigueur which add a North African feel that resonates due to the comparable Saharan heat.

BackSplash Outdoor Tiles

Again, porcelain tiles offer a non-porous surface finish, making them a great fit for designs in both outdoor and indoor kitchen areas. Their properties make them an excellent choice for humid places.

Due to their great flexibility, we can offer an impressive variety of designer porcelain tiles, from natural stone lookalike products to highly realistic textured timber tiles. Each offers you the distinct look of a natural product with all the added benefits of porcelain material.

Luxurious Outdoor Floor Tiles

When there’s overhead covering from the sun, one of the benefits of outdoor floor tiles is that they feel cool to the touch when you’re walking barefoot at home. In fact, walking barefoot on tiles is a way that can cool down the whole body. This is because tiles conduct the heat away more quickly

Larger wall tile varieties can bring a whole new look to what might have been a drab outdoor wall space. We can help you match the floor tiles to those on any wall to get the most luxurious effect and style feature.

Large Tiled Outdoor Dining Area

Stylish Tiles with Key Benefits

If you select an outdoor tile, you’ll get these advantages:

  • Resistance to moss and mould
  • Extra scratch resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Resistance to pests like termites
  • A vast array of design choices

Resistance to mould is a key benefit in the areas of Queensland that suffer from high levels of humidity. Slip resistance is important too even if you have no pool because high levels of moisture from the atmosphere can build and lead to slippery surfaces.

Custom Dream Homes in Brisbane

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