Digital technology has opened new doors in our homes that save time and money. There are robotic vacuums, air conditioners you can control remotely from a smartwatch and even an all-new autonomous drone that can patrol your property.

Smart home technology always has comfort, connectivity, and control in mind. It’s become an integral part of luxury home design. Read on to find out the smart home designs you should be discussing with your custom home builder in Brisbane.

Smart Home Designs Transform Your Living Experience

Technology can change the way we live for the better. It lets busy families benefit from new levels of convenience. It creates more quality time and can make our homes more energy efficient, with installation costs offset by the time and money we save.

Advances in available technology have been racing ahead at breakneck speed. We’ve come to expect luxury home design to include smart home technology. It’s now as much a part of the home as the fridge or kitchen sink.

If you can automate the drawing of living room blinds, why wouldn’t you? It’s reassuring to fall asleep knowing the outdoor lights will soon turn on and switch off in the morning.

When you wake up, the battery on your electric bike will have charged from your solar power supply, ready to get you to work. Your grass will look tidy after an overnight trim from the robotic lawn mower.

Tech to Discuss with Your Bayside Custom Home Builder

It’s always worth discussing your tech wish list with your Brisbane custom home builder. There may be wiring to consider or pre-install cabling for future innovative components further down the line.

Your Smart Home Hub

izone | luxury home design

A Smart Home Hub, like Apple Home or Alexa, is a sensible place to start. It will be the nerve centre for many new tech devices. Not all of them will be compatible with your Smart Home Hub. However, industry experts are pushing for a standardised language for all Smart Home tech.

A Smart Home Hub is an excellent way to create the feel of your Smart Home system. It will have integrated and connective technology governed by voice control. It will let you give commands to other devices in your network. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers from an internet-connected AI system giving you control of:

  • High-end entertainment systems and dedicated home theatres
  • Lighting and automated window treatments
  • Heating and cooling t
  • Security and surveillance systems

Smart Lights and Smart Speakers

Smart Home Lighting | Luxury Home Design

These are two of the most popular smart devices. It’s long been possible to get smart lights to turn on and off with sensors. Now they are coming into their own with extra functionality, like making colour changes to the lighting in every room.

There is something special about being able to alter tones and shades depending on the mood. Innovative lighting means having control, comfort and energy conservation rolled into one.

Smart speakers let you realise a similar dream. You can summon your favourite tunes from thin air because they communicate with your digital assistant throughout the home. You’ll have crystal clear audio quality where and when you want it. There’s no need to scroll through your phone for a stellar song. Just say the words and it will play. That is luxury living.

Smart Air conditioners and Solar Panels

Another two popular must-have options in luxury home design are smart air conditioners and solar panels. Upgrading from the standard air conditioner will boost your property’s perceived value. A smart air con can let you:

  • Create sophisticated schedules for days of the week or seasons
  • Have total control over the system while you are away
  • Use a system that’s more intuitive and far easier to use

Smart home technology needs power and connectivity. Solar power fits the brief by meeting the goals of many smart devices that seek to conserve energy and reduce waste.

When you include solar and smart hubs, you can create a system most appropriate for your needs and environmental aims. Some apps can monitor your solar system. They’ll track the environmental impact and efficiency of its panels.

Smart Door Locks and Smart Security

Integrating Tech-Savvy Upgrades in Your Luxury Home Design

A smart door lock system is also an option, you’ll no longer have to carry keys or worry about getting locked out if you forget them.

Smart locks will pair with a smartphone app, making it easy to control access to the house. Some connect to the cloud letting homeowners add permanent users like family members or one-time passcodes for visitors and service providers.

You can monitor what’s happening at home when you’re not there. That could be keeping a watchful eye on the kids or checking on package deliveries. Some cameras connect to the cloud and stream real-time video. Others can identify objects, track movements and set off alarms on virtual command.

Smart Upgrades

Consider a few other upgrades for greater comfort, convenience, and control. Here’s our pick of the best:

  • A Smart TV to gather multiple digital services into one integrated package
  • A smart router for added speed, security and functionality
  • Smart plugs that let you turn any device on and off using an app or voice control
  • Smart irrigation to schedule watering and reduce wasted water

Smart Home Designs From Brisbane’s Top Custom Home Builder

Oceanview Constructions is always ahead of the game. The team is up to speed with all the latest smart home technology for your luxury home design.

Don’t put off talking to us about your smart home designs. Contact us at Oceanview Constructions and find out how we can help you achieve your smart tech dreams. The sooner we have your wish list, the easier it will be to plan for the best possible design.