A home built with you in mind, with your style, taste, and needs, sounds like anyone’s dream home. There are absolutely no compromises and certainly no renovating to add or remove existing features you don’t like. But, we bet if you close your eyes and picture your perfect home right now, you will already be imagining the look, the view, and oh, the space!
For those looking for their dream home, the option to buy an established home, find a lot of land, or renovate their existing home can be a paralysing choice.
A knockdown rebuild involves demolishing a house and building a new one in its place. It sounds like a complex and challenging process that may instill some anxiety when mulling over options. Still, knockdown rebuilds can often be less expensive if you already own the block you’re on (that eliminates the stamp duty) and can give you greater flexibility with layout and design.
You may already be living in your dream suburb, on a beautiful block. And finding a vacant block in the area would be impossible, meaning you would need to move further out to undeveloped land, upending your life. Keeping your children in the same school or keeping your commute the same distance may be crucial factors that have seen you dismiss the idea of searching for your perfect home until now. And what about that water view you have? Sure, you only get a glimpse of it in your single-story dwelling but imagine that magnificent blue scenery one floor up? Or even two!

Knock down rebuilds - Oceanview Constructions

Knockdown rebuilds are genuinely the best of both worlds for getting the custom home you dream of without upending you and your families’ lives unnecessarily. At Oceanview Constructions, we can take care of all your demolition needs, and then we can rebuild your custom dream home on your existing block creating everything you’ve ever wanted! So if you wish to maximise your water views with a wrap-around first-floor balcony, we can do that, or if you would like an underground garage to get your car off the street, no problem. We will work with the block size and your vision to create the home you’ve always wanted.
Alternatively, if you have purchased a property in a suburb, you’ve always wanted to live in, but the property is not suitable for you a custom home built on your land would be a great option. Multi-award-winning builders like Oceanview Constructions can help you create a custom design that suits your lifestyle and maximises your block space with all the quality features you’ve dreamt of in your home.
An additional advantage of knockdown rebuilds is the potential to add a guest house or granny flat on your block. This could serve as a teenage/young adult dwelling, a guest suite or even a potential space to rent out to holidaymakers, generating additional income effortlessly, especially if you already live in an area that sees high volumes of tourism throughout the year.

Oceanview Constructions are passionate about creating custom homes that celebrate the unique way each client lives and works. We make your vision a reality, and our portfolio of beautiful custom homes speaks for itself. It‘s the smallest things that make your home yours, from the avid readers’ perfectly designed book room to the floating staircase effortlessly occupying space in the most beautifully functional way. Custom homes are built your way, and our customised individual approach makes every single design and construction unique, as it should be.

We understand deciding to knock down and rebuild will be a long and considered decision for you, and we will guide you through the process, so you are fully aware of what needs to be done and in what time frame. So take the first step and call us today to discuss your ideas, and let us build the home you’ve been dreaming of.