When it comes to a custom holiday home, having the right elements of design and functionality paired together can optimise your experience and investment. At Oceanview Constructions, we specialise in building custom homes in the Redlands area along with designing and constructing stunning holiday homes on the Gold Coast.

So, what should you include in your Gold Coast holiday home? Individual taste and preferences certainly matter. There are also a few key points you can consider to help make it truly stand out.

From having enough beds for both family and guests, to taking full advantage of that fabulous view, the following tips can help ensure you get the most from your down time in your home away from home.

Take advantage of the outdoors
It could be, that the future site of your holiday home, doesn’t really have that much surrounding it in terms of a fantastic view, however, don’t let that stop you from designing something captivating! Most holiday homes have something worth waking up to see outside the windows and this could be the allure of the ocean, but it might be something as simple as some greenery, tasteful landscaping, or even the sunrise.

Therefore, consider where you locate your largest windows. These should be placed to let the beauty of the surrounding environment inside.

It’s also a good idea to optimise your chances of letting natural light inside throughout the day by taking advantage of the northerly aspects.

If you plan on using solar power, the line of your roof and where you place your solar panels also matters, in conjunction with passive design.

Depending on your location, you might also consider having specifics on your property like an outdoor shower or even a wet room (if placed beside a pool!). An outdoor shower can allow people to clean off sand and salt after time spent at any of the gorgeous Gold Coast beaches, and this will keep your guests, and home, clean and tidy too!

Oceanview Constructions - Our Custom Holiday Home Tips!

Holidays are often shared with family and friends however, it can be easy to be caught short when it comes to sleeping areas.  When designing your custom holiday home, you want everyone to be comfortable staying with you so make sure you design with sleeping in mind. Try to have enough beds available to sleep two families of four, at a minimum. Your largest bedroom should always include a king sized bed along with an ensuite, and it can be ideal if your other bedrooms can accommodate a queen bed and bunk beds too.

If space is at a premium, have a sofa bed placed in the living room or, preferably, in a private area or office space.

Go low maintenance
Decorating in accordance with your personal tastes is of paramount importance in order to ensure you feel comfortable and at home in your custom holiday home. Keeping your gardens and furnishings simple, however, can help you do less work. You’re there to relax after all right? Speak to us as we can organise a landscape plan that suits your wants and needs.

Build for colder months
Summertime means holidays and you will likely spend the bulk of your time in your custom Gold Coast holiday home during the warmer months. However, designing it to be comfortable in colder weather too really will extend its usage.

Why not consider incorporating a fireplace (indoor or outdoor) in your design, as well as a freestanding bathtub for a warm soak. Having the ability to turn on heating is also important so factor that into your budget. Having good insulation can also all make a difference in the cooler months, allowing you to live comfortably no matter what the weather is like outside. On the flip side, insulation will also benefit you in the summer as well, keeping your home cooler on even the hottest of days.

Choose the right builder
Choosing the right builder for your project can help you get the best quality materials and knowledge on your side. Oceanview Constructions is a multi-award-winning custom home builder servicing customers in the Redlands and Gold Coast areas. Our goal is to help you reach your dreams of having the perfect home whether it be your permanent address or an indulgent custom holiday home unique to your vision and desires.

 Contact us today to find out how we can help you build your very own home away from home!