Are you currently building a new home and want to achieve a custom bathroom? Custom bathrooms reflect the owner’s personality and style. You might start by browsing the internet for inspiration but may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and recent design innovations.

A professional custom home builder knows that bathrooms are valuable investments, so teaming up with one will help you get the result you want and need.

Here are some of the most important considerations and tips in creating a breathtaking bathroom!

Create A Functional Space
We all know that if there is one room where we do the most significant and personal things in our daily lives, it has to be the bathroom, right? A poorly designed one can really impact your mindset and quality of life. When creating a first-class custom bathroom, we have to integrate two essential aspects: functionality and aesthetics.

Hiring a trusted custom builder is paramount to creating a beautiful and functional space for custom bathroom designs. Before approaching one, you may want some tips to help you envision your dream bathroom, so you can accurately communicate your ideas to your builder.

For limited space, having multipurpose fixtures is a good idea. Storage is essential in a bathroom for organisation, hair and body products, and cleaning supplies.

It’s ideal to also have an enclosed storage area to keep the bathroom tidy and hide any unwanted clutter. For an elevated and more sophisticated style, why not go for soft-touch doors and drawers in a crisp white.

Below are some more tips to help you create your dream bathroom.

Tile Choice
Selecting which tiles to use can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. To guide you, consider these essential aspects in choosing tiles:

Not every tile is suitable for every room. Floor tiles are thick and have been tested to withstand pressure and heavy traffic. They are dirt and stain resistant and usually have a textured surface, so they are safe and easy to walk on. Wall tiles are thinner and more lightweight than floor tiles and can be easily installed on walls. Some tiles are designed to be used on walls and floors. Be sure to ask your tile expert to show you the difference.

Ceramic tiles are softer and available in a wide variety of modern designs. They are easier to use because they can be measured to size and cut to fit their location. They are primarily used for wall installation and floors with low traffic. Porcelain tiles are thicker but more durable and water-resistant. If you have an underfloor heating system installed in your bathroom, porcelain tiles are ideal.

First, think of the mood you intend for the bathroom. Light-toned tiles are perfect if you want to go for a minimalist theme and are a great choice for small bathrooms or powder rooms. Combining neutral and marble tone tiles is perfect if you’re going for a more elegant and timeless finish.

Custom Bathroom - Oceanview Constructions

At Oceanview Constructions, we don’t just help build your custom dream home, we can also help build your custom bathroom too!

You can transform a plain bathroom into a breathtaking custom one with the right lighting choice.

Ambient – This is the general light that illuminates the whole space from above. It could be a flush mount ceiling light at the centre, or several smaller lights scattered across or around the room.

Accent – This lighting is specifically installed to highlight or emphasise a specific feature. They are meant to be decorative and add aesthetics to the bathroom. Examples are built-in lights that frame the mirror and pendant lights.

Task – These illuminate specific areas to help you with whatever you’re doing, like putting on make-up, shaving, plucking eyebrows, or wearing contact lenses. They are usually placed on either side of the mirrors. Wall sconces and track lights are some great examples of task lighting.

From coloured frames, metallic to frameless, the latest trends in shower screens cater to every taste and need when it comes to shower design.

Frameless shower screens can provide continuity within the space, making it appear a seamless space within the bathroom. Fully framed glass screens can incorporate drama and add appeal to your bathroom, especially if you opt for brushed gold and match that with the fixtures.

Bathtubs can easily be the highlight of a beautiful bathroom, and with such variety, you really are spoilt for choices! But how do you choose the right one for your custom bathroom? Firstly, you must decide your top priority: functionality or styling? If choosing a bathtub the kids will use, think about its height, width and how easy it will be to clean. If you’re choosing one for adults to luxuriate in, you can choose a bathtub that factors in the styling of the bathroom too.

Below are a few choices:

Freestanding Bathtubs – For people who like to soak in the bath for a long time. Great for bigger bathrooms.

Alcove or back-to-wall BathtubsBest for bathrooms with limited space.

Corner BathtubsBest for multiple users because it leaves a larger centre area for foot traffic. You can also choose a spa option too.

Choosing vanities and sinks for your custom bathroom begins with deciding on your styling choice. Minimalism, classic gold, spa-like and industrial are some of the most popular themes nowadays. Next, think about the functionality as it should be aesthetically pleasing and useful. For example, double sinks are great for couples to use together, and they look elegant too.

Next, the sort of vanity you have will depend on the type of sink you choose. Types of sinks such as undermounts, vessels and drop-ins will all need cabinet installation. However, wall-mounted sinks don’t need cabinets or vanities, and they’re perfect if you don’t have much space (like in a powder room).

At Oceanview Constructions, we don't just help build your custom dream home, we can also help build your custom bathroom too!

Find the right sink to compliment your custom bathroom.

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Custom bathrooms can be functional, luxurious, indulgent, comforting, balanced, and striking if time and consideration have gone into the design process.

They are also a reflection of the rest of the home and should fit seamlessly into your styling which is why we recommend a bathroom consultation with a custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions. We’ve had years of experience building custom bathrooms from modern designs with concrete basins, to all “white” bathrooms inspired by the Hamptons. We build for families, empty nesters and those wanting the perfect holiday retreat.

If you’re ready to discuss your vision, give us a call today and let us work with you to design the bathroom of your dreams!