The work from home trend is currently sweeping the nation, and as a result, you may have found that it is time to upgrade your home office. Here are top tips for home office ideas as we move into 2021.

The Minimalist Theme
If you’re working with a limited amount of space, the minimalist theme may be a good option for you. This popular trend is centred around small home offices that focus on a sleek, clean look. Using a bright white colour palette with some strategically placed accents of colour you can create the appearance of a larger space. Consider a white custom-built desktop that is either mounted on the wall without legs or has a very sleek finish to minimise the amount of space the desk takes up. Keeping your desk area clean is important to maintain a minimalist look, so make sure that you have some functional custom-built storage. The minimalist theme also relies on functionality. Shelving will allow you to make the most out of your space. You want the furniture in your office to always serve a purpose!

Our Top Tips for Home Office ideas in 2021

Bright, Open Space
Bright open space is another theme we’re seeing as we move into 2021. Large windows without curtains help to create an open space that will help boost productivity. If your windows face the sun, incorporate some blinds or plantation shutters that can take away some of the harshnesses but still allow enough sunlight to come in. Natural lighting also helps make your home office space look larger. similarly, the natural sunlight will accentuate any furniture with expressive textures – like solid wood to create a unique look.

Pops of Colour to Create a Stark Contrast
Even though modern, minimalist offices with white colour palettes are leading the trends in 2021, pops of colour are equally important. Bright colour accents of green and will gold allow you to bring the colour scheme of your modern office space together, giving it a professional but cosy look and feel. Consider an accent rug in a bright colour to develop a contrast with the white furniture and other neutral-toned décor in the office.

Incorporate a Bit of Greenery
Incorporating a bit of greenery is another top tip for home office ideas in 2021. Adding a potted plant – or several – can create a feeling of freshness in your space and add an extra layer of natural décor to your office. Hanging potted plants are a great way to do this because they won’t take space away from the functional area that you need to work in.

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