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When you engage Oceanview Constructions to create a Hamptons style custom home, you’re not only paying for extreme attention to detail, but you’re paying for great customer service built not on advertising, but on word of mouth. The trades that make up our team are experienced professionals that have been hand-selected for their meticulous workmanship, so you can count on Oceanview Constructions to build your dream home without hassle.

What is a Hamptons Home?
A ‘Hamptons style’ home is defined by a few different characteristics, focused around a relaxed and coastal vibe. A home that is designed with the Hamptons Style in mind should be airy and open allowing the indoors to overlap the boundaries of your outdoor living spaces. This is one of the main features of a Hamptons style exterior, where a wide-open verandah can add the necessary flow from indoors to out!

Another key feature is having a coastal white exterior which can be achieved through the installation of white cladding. Colonial windows can also provide a nice compliment to the cladding adding to that coastal vibe.

In a Hamptons style home, it’s important to maximise the use of natural light and neutral colours to create a bright and airy space. Most Hamptons style homes combine light exterior colour schemes and an open-living floor plan with light interior colours like warm whites, soft grey and creams. Top it off with a dash of blue or green tones to help pull the coastal aesthetic together! These colour features look wonderful when used sparingly, so think about applying colour to your front door or even to some decorative external shutters.

What’s the Difference Between a Single and a Double Storey Hamptons Style Home?
As mentioned above, Hamptons style homes are defined by the airy, coastal vibe, but what a lot of people don’t consider is the difference between a single storey and a double-storey Hamptons style home. While the styling is similar in general, the layout and structure of the home change when you add a second storey.

Double Storey Hamptons Style Homes
Double-storey Hamptons style homes have some striking benefits as opposed to their lowset counterparts. In a double-storey, you can flaunt the “stylish grandeur” externally by adding a custom timber staircase or a balcony to take in those coastal views. With this in mind, it’s also important to remember that with a larger home, also comes a larger budget.

Single Story Hamptons Style Homes
Whilst double-storey Hamptons inspired homes offer grandeur and decadence, single-storey homes tend to be much more affordable, leaving you with more in the budget to add a pool or landscaping. When you’re only dealing with a single storey building, you can incorporate “beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows and a sweeping layout,” as well as a wide-open floor plan that allows you to adapt to the space.

Oceanview Constructions - Hamptons Style Homes

Oceanview Constructions – Hamptons Style Homes

Major Takeaways
Whether you choose a single or double-storey Hamptons style home, your build is sure to impress with its beautiful beachy grandeur. Still, have questions?

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