Space may be the final frontier for Star Trek lovers but for your average city dweller, it’s becoming increasingly expensive.

Less is the new more. Designers are turning small block builds into spacious-looking installations using open-plan designs and a string of architectural tricks they have up their sleeves.

Read on to find out how your custom home builder can help you maximise space by using what you’ve got more creatively. Discover what it takes to turn a small block build into a custom dream home in Brisbane Bayside.

How Small is a Small Lot?

If you’re planning a home in the city or sought-after Bayside suburb, there’s a good chance you’ll be building on a small block. The appeal of narrow blocks and small lots is growing in Australia’s larger cities.

This is mainly due to rapid rises in the cost of land and the attraction for urban infill with the clever use of small block builds. To get the most from these kinds of property investments, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to designing what goes on inside and out.

The definition of a small lot in Brisbane would be a block less than 450 m² and a rear lot less than 600 m²

When you’re buying a small lot, it’s typically all about the enviable location so you’ll need a design that’s a good match for your new custom dream home.

No Need to Skimp on Space

A small lot does not have to feel cramped and dark. You can make it appear as bright and spacious as anywhere else with the right open-plan design.

It all starts with sitting down and thinking about how you want your home to work for you. Rather than having one room serve just a single purpose, it may have multiple uses.

For instance, there may not be space for a whole room to fit the office or study you’re going to need. The alternative could be to use the space under the stairs or incorporate a built-in desk to a living space.

High Ceilings and Mirrors

Pay particular attention to ceiling heights as these can give the illusion of space. Large, strategically placed mirrors on certain walls are also an excellent way to make a room feel more spacious than it is.

Make use of any rooms with north-facing windows as living areas when possible. These are going to bring in far more natural light making them more pleasing places to spend time for longer periods. You may also want to fit shutters to help keep the house cool in the warmer months.

Open-Plan Designs Are de Rigeur

People love open-plan designs because they feel spacious and less formal. They’re great for when you need to be able to keep one eye on the kids or chat with friends and family while you’re cooking up a storm.

Kitchens should flow into dining and living spaces and then further on into alfresco areas. You can bring the outdoors in with large bifold doors that let light and fresh air in.

Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

You should also make the most of your outdoor space. For instance, you could make a design feature of a narrow side path. You could bring a stark boundary wall to life with green, leafy climbers and turn it into an eye-catching head-turner.

Carefully place drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants in attractive pots. These can give the sensation of setting foot into a tropical garden adding a sense of spaciousness to the rooms that adjoin the outdoors.

If outdoor space is at a premium, you could try a dynamic, vertical garden. You can even grow certain vegetables up walls rather than in the ground.

Let There Be Light!

The more light you can fill your new home with, the more spacious it’s going to feel. Extra windows and skylights can make or break the design of small block builds.

Sliding glass doors can also work well in hallways or for accessing living areas. They can create the illusion of more space because you can seamlessly tuck them away unlike their hinged cousins.

Light, neutral colour schemes will also add a sense of spaciousness by reflecting more light. Heavily coloured patterns should be kept for feature spaces.

Transform Small Lot Builds with Expert Design


Make Oceanview Constructions your custom home builder for small lot designs. By cleverly using space and creating new and exciting floorplans, we can turn small block builds into spacious-looking, modern installations.

Turn your custom dream home in Brisbane into a reality with our carefully thought-through open-plan designs and our wealth of design expertise. Get in touch today and let’s start working together on your next grand design!