Summer Paradise With A Custom Pool

Pools go together with Australian summers like love and marriage. It’s time to take the plunge and choose a style of custom pool that’s going to be the right fit for your new luxury, custom Bayside home.

There’s plenty to consider, so we’ve pulled together the best swimming pool design ideas to help inspire you. Find out what’s involved as we take a dive into the options and features available for your custom pool.

Key Considerations

As well as aesthetics such as tiles versus pebble finish, there are practicalities to weigh up. Who will be using the pool? How will it fit in with the natural surroundings? How much space is there for your pool? Do you go plunge, lap or resort style?

These are the kinds of questions you should answer before going ahead with any sort of design. You can then move on to the fun part. That’s creating a concept that’s going to encourage you to make full use of the pool as somewhere you enjoy spending your well-deserved leisure time.

The Best Pool Designs To Compliment Your New Dream Home | Custom Bayside Home

Surrounding Tile and Stone Pavers

The natural stone pavers or tiles you decide to use for your pool will make a powerful statement about your taste. Factors to consider include durability, appearance, non-slip finishes, environmental factors and sealants.

It’s a good idea to choose pool surrounds in colours that complement your house and garden. For instance, if you have a dark timber deck, a bluestone paver could clash. It’s also important to weigh up the tile/paver style with the aesthetic of your home’s general architectural finish.

Pool surrounds are high-traffic areas, so stone, tiles or pavers must be durable and resistant to potential food stains, and garden waste such as leaves, sunscreen and pool chemicals.

The Best Pool Designs To Compliment Your New Dream Home | Custom Bayside Home

A More Luxurious Look

Light-coloured marble is a hard-wearing stone and doesn’t absorb a lot of heat. It also adds a sense of luxury.

Earthy-looking, hard-wearing limestone has a reputation for retaining its form regardless of extreme weather conditions. Available in a variety of colours and textures, limestone is a very popular surround.

Tough and dense, bluestone, also known as basalt, is a practical choice for pool surrounds as it is resistant to salt. Available in a wide variety of shapes and styles that range from tiles to cobblestones.

The elegance of non-slip granite works well with contemporary architecture. It’s one of the densest natural stones around and its speckled finish can hide a multitude of stains. Additionally, you can easily hose it down for cleaning due to its low-porous rating.

Pebble vs Tiles

The next consideration is what to finish the pool with. Tiles tend to be more durable and need less maintenance than pebble finish. However, these advantages can come at a cost. A fully tiled pool will almost always be the most expensive option.

Although they take longer to install, the aesthetic effect can make the time and money spent well worth it. Tiles offer a modern look with unlimited colour combinations with the greatest choice of finishes.

Pebble pool finishes, will almost always be the more affordable option between the two. Did you know there is a common misconception that when installing a pebble finish pool there is only one colour? Truth is there are actually more colour options that you might realise, ask us about the range of colour choices available. Pebble pools will also reduce construction time, a huge bonus if you want to enjoy summertime as quickly as possible.

Luxury Pool Design Bayside


Wrap-Around Pools

The ultimate custom modern pools are perhaps those that wrap around the sides and lines of your home. They create a water feature that looks stunning from both outside and inside the home.

A lap pool can form part of the design offering flexibility for play and fitness as well as lounging. The visual effect can be one of originality. This kind of custom pool makes a unique statement that finishes off a luxurious, modern home.

If you’re looking for a custom modern pool that would fit the latest coffee table book of luxury housing, then a wrap-around pool is a must.

Plunge Pools

Large plunge pools with seated areas add instant aesthetic value to your home. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re great for entertaining kids or older relatives.

They can be a unique centre-piece that double up as somewhere to cool off and relax with a long drink. Plunge pools are an ideal choice if space is at a premium.

Seating Areas in Your Pool

These are a must-have in all custom modern pools. Sometimes referred to as a tanning ledge or sun shelf, a Baja shelf is a wide, top step into your pool, typically 20-40 cm deep.

It can act as a step into the pool but double up as a place to sit too. Popular in high-end hotels, Baja shelves add luxury and ‘wow’ as well as functionality to your custom home style.

Seating areas are important if you plan to do a lot of entertaining. They’re ideal places to catch up with friends and family or to relax at the end of the day with a drink.

Connecting Spas

Spas are a great choice as they give an extra function to your pool area. You can use them all year round. They’re ideal places to relax after a long, strenuous workout or yoga session.

A connecting or inbuilt spa will add more value to your property as they are synonymous with luxury and bring an additional function to your pool area. They act as a focal point for entertaining and family time creating the “wow” factor in your garden to match your stunning custom new home.

The Best Pool Designs To Compliment Your New Dream Home | Custom Bayside Home

Your Complete Luxury Custom Designed Pool

Our dynamic team is brimming with ideas for your new modern custom-made home complete with a standout custom pool. We have all the expertise necessary to turn your dream into a reality.

If you are thinking of embarking on your dream home journey in the Redlands or Brisbane Bayside area, get in touch and let us work together to create a magical home you’ll enjoy using for years to come.