Hello Oceanview Constructions followers,
Today we thought we would explain some of the building processes to you. It’s a very exciting time when you are building a new house and we would like to share that excitement with you by showing you some of the stages of the building process in a little more detail.

Site Cutting
Before the new home build can begin the site has to be prepared this is called the ‘cutting a site’
This photo below shows a site being ‘cut’.

Redlands Builder 3

When a site cut is performed, around 100mm of soil is taken off the top to remove any vegetation from the building platform, as vegetation left under the concrete slab can break down creating voids under the slab and compromise the structural integrity of the slab. The site is then cut to a level platform or a series of level platforms depending on the slope of the site. Once the drott has done its job, a sheep’s hoof roller is used to compact the soil, this is especially important where soil conditions are poor.

Galvanised Structure
This photo below shows the use of galvanised steel in an external application. It is important that any external steel within one kilometre of salt water be galvanised (this distance can change if rolling surf is present). At Oceanview Constructions, we galvanise any external steel whether it is within one kilometre of salt water or not. Better to be safe than sorry!

Redlands Builder 4

Raked Ceiling and Wall Bracing
This photo shows a raked ceiling being constructed, it’s ever so critical to make sure the walls are straight and the frame is secure before the roofing materials are installed. To achieve this, we use a lot of temporary bracing, without enough temporary bracing, the wall frames can move when the roof is loaded with weight from people working on it and from the weight of the roof sheets. The need for as many temporary braces would be reduced if the roof were a typical hip style roof as the 45-degree hip ends in the roof trusses provide extra bracing across the ceiling.

Redlands Builder

We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the processes of building your New Home in the Bayside and Redlands. If you have any questions, please give John a call at Oceanview Constructions, he is only too pleased to help. Building a new home is a magical experience, we like to know you have enjoyed the process too, so please take images, share them with us…you will be so happy you did when you look back on this journey a few years from now.

Have a great day,
The Oceanview Constructions Team