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The ‘Industrial Style Home’ trend has been one of the most popular building trends in recent times due to its bare, rugged appearance that is also minimalistic and stylish. It is a trend that brings both the style of the modern and the charm of the old together in a timeless, unique fashion perfect for many homeowners.

Industrial Style Home Characteristics

There are many characteristics to the industrial home though some of the most prominent include the ‘lived in’ feel, rustic finishes and the minimal open plan warehouse vibe. Though, this doesn’t mean that your home has to look uncomfortable.

The industrial style home encourages warm, yet neutral tones throughout your features and finishes which work to great effect along with bare materials such as wood, metal and concrete which can be stunningly displayed throughout the home.

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Features and Finishes

As the inspiration for the industrial home comes from the warehouses, factories and industrial buildings of old your finishes should be of a similar look – neutral and texture focused. Thus, exposed brick, polished metal, pipework and industrial timber works well with a straight lined or blocked look to the home.

Feature elements that you should strive to incorporate into an industrial style home include minimal and functional furniture, exposed pipework, warm industrial lighting, polished concrete flooring and machinery parts. All of these features will help tie the whole home together with your tones and finishes.


An Environmentally Friendly Design Trend

The best part of the industrial home is that you can incorporate recycled finishes and features into your home. This makes the home more environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint by repurposing existing items.

Whether you choose to add old railway sleepers, scraped pipework or old fashioned machinery there is a place for all your industrial recyclables in this style of home. You can also add a little contrast and a splash of colour with old paintings and picture frames. Black and white photos work well too as a finishing touch to this amazing style trend.

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