The design of your home reflects your standards in quality, style, and taste. While the material you choose for elements such as your flooring and furnishings has an enormous impact on the face your home puts forward, one of the often-overlooked factors is your paint. Paint can add colour (or remove it) and plays a strong role in the ambiance you create and the tone you set.

Interior paint colours, like interior design, tends to go in waves. New trends are always on the horizon, just like changing fashion runways. So, what does 2022 promise to bring when it comes to the colour of your walls? Here’s a look:

Pastels and Neutrals
White has been all the rage for many home spaces for a while. While this beautiful blank canvas is sure to stay on stage (at least for a while yet), pushing it out are now warm pastels and lively neutral colours.

People are looking for more active alternatives, and warm bases are winning out. More lively neutrals are said to be replacing white, and bright pastels are replacing duller neutrals.

Think shades like light pink and green, very pale blues, and slightly orange-tinted creams. White is predicted to still be with us, but mostly in architrave, as well as cornice and skirting.

When it comes to creating your favourite spaces in your custom home, pastel paint could really bring you to new heights.


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TexturesOne of the unique ways you can add flair to the paint in your custom dream home is through textures. Experts are saying the idea many people will have in 2022 is to recreate the look of a Mediterranean villa, channelling the style of a Tuscan faux finish. While this look is traditionally famous for its gorgeously bright burnt oranges and vibrant yellows, we’re guessing the trend for 2022 will be something slightly more subtle. Textured creams, light browns, and pale yellows could be on the way in when it comes to interior paint colours.

Faux finishes were traditionally developed to create the illusion of wood or marble when having the real thing was too costly. Today, this trend is an art itself, creating the coveted look of aged plaster, distressed paint, limestone, and more.

Deep Hues
Nothing conveys a more cavernous sense of emotion than a wall covered in deep blue. In contrast with pastels and lively neutrals, extreme darkness is also an upcoming trend for next year.

Included are deep blues, very dark purples, and browns, among other shades and hues.

Why are we going dark? Dark hues can add comfort and a sense of emotional warmth to a room, something we’ve been missing throughout the pandemic. This might not be the cause behind the shift, but we’re guessing it could be.

Change is undoubtedly on the way. By choosing rich colours for one or more of your rooms, even as a feature wall, can genuinely enhance the glow and welcoming look of your new custom home.

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