When you hear the words coastal home, what do you imagine? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong if you imagined a house by the water, perhaps adorned with nautical-themed decorations like anchors, old rope, and seashells, oh, and don’t forget the piece of driftwood hanging from the staircase or attached to the wall! But what is coastal design, and how can a Bayside custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions help you create the perfect custom coastal home?

Well, first things first, let us be clear that coastal does not mean nautical, so, if you are thinking of the kitschy but oh-so-cute holiday rentals with tropical or Mediterranean themes and “beach this way” signs, it’s definitely not that! Instead, a coastal design home essentially draws inspiration from the external environment and incorporates this into stylish and simplistic custom home design. Everything from the colour palette to textures, finishes, and building materials, a custom coastal home is an extension of the naturally stunning beaches we are lucky enough to call home in Brisbane.

Earth tones, crisp whites, and layered blues create the perfect ocean vibe that connects the outside to your inside. Similarly, light needs to be a significant feature in a coastal home. Large bi-fold windows, skylights, and open spaces that allow natural light to flood in are crucial to removing the optical barrier that separates you from the outdoors and creates an airy year-round summer ambience. Finally, coastal homes are minimalist, where the less-is-more principle is indeed a fundamental element of the design. With this in mind, spaces are often created open and flowing, meaning clutter and mess is out of the question, so unique custom storage options will need to be considered.

Bayside Custom Home Builder

The beauty of working with a Bayside custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions is our vision and expertise in combining elements and materials to fit the coastal aesthetic. This is supported by 20 years of experience in custom home building. In addition, we offer a personalised service, which allows you the freedom and expression to design a coastal custom home that fits your individual taste and lifestyle.

Custom coastal homes are for coastal people, and your beach home will be as unique as the way you live your life. For many, beach views are a top priority for their custom build, and understandably so. However, the orientation of the view can meet your individual preference. For example, do you dream of waking up to the views of the water from your bedroom window? Or would you rather an entertaining balcony space that gets the best out of the evening sky? Do you surf every day and require a custom-made outdoor shower area to wash off the sand before going indoors? Or would you like to orientate the pool for maximum sun exposure during the day for those lazy weekends sipping cocktails by the pool while the children splash around?

There are so many options and elements to consider and explore when creating your custom-built coastal home. With an award-winning Bayside custom home builder like Oceanview Constructions, you can be assured our dedicated team of enthusiastic and focused professionals will take you through the entire construction process working with you every step of the way.

We believe the smallest details make the biggest difference, and we genuinely love creating homes as unique as the families moving into them. So, if you have spent too long daydreaming about a custom-built coastal home, call your local Bayside custom home builder today, and let us work together to make your dream home a reality.