If you’re already looking for someone to build you your dream home, you’ve probably already got an idea about you want it to look. Daydreaming about a home and how it will look is one of the most enjoyable parts about the building process (the most being the day you finally get to move in!), and comes with a lot of thought and planning, as well as inspiration!

Building a custom home allows you the perfect freedom to create a home that suits your lifestyle, rooms that properly house your family, living spaces that suit your entertainment, and other quirks and additions that allow for all sorts of activities and easy living. Are you a proficient chef who yearns for a butler’s pantry? A creative spirit that needs their own artsy space to make a mess of? A summer loving family that needs easy access to a cooling pool for those hot QLD summer days?

What would you add to your dream house?

There are so many ways to create the home of your dreams with the rooms that will let you live it. Building a custom home is the only way to ensure that the lifestyle you want can be fully realised.
Some of these options below may get you thinking:

Convenient bedrooms that surround an adjourning bathroom

If the parents get the glorious master suite with lavish bathroom, throw the kids a bone with their own adjoining bathroom stemming right from their rooms! Got some rooms at the back of the house? Looking to make some extra space? Joining two bedrooms with one bathroom can help save space, improve the flow of the home, and aid the liveability of its residents.

A restful retreat for the parents

Speaking of master suites and lavish bathrooms, carving out a space for the parents in the form of a bedroom or relaxation-only sitting room is a great way to grab some extra zzz’s or finally get around to doing something you (and not the kids) would like to do. If the kids can get a playroom, you can get a room for reprieve!

Alfresco dining for outdoor entertaining

When building a custom home a beautiful open plan or outdoor dining and living area is one of the most in-demand features for a modern Queensland home. A well-designed alfresco area gives your home a place to relax, unwind and enjoy a seemingly effortless meal with friends and family (though a custom designed alfresco kitchen can make it truly effortless). Alfresco areas are a practical way of adding more value to your home, both lifestyle and monetary.

The perfect home office for those working from home

When building a custom home a dedicated home office in your home gives you the practicality, privacy and productivity one needs when working from home or studying. Tailoring it to your work, hobby or study can help you get into that state of flow quicker. Making it somewhere you want to work makes work easier.

A cinematic home movie theatre

With thousands of films spread across multiple streaming services, it seems the cinema isn’t the only place to get the quality entertainment one wants on a weekend evening. Creating a home theatre that exudes comfort and the surround system of your dreams is easy with a custom home. Get the movie experience without the hassle (but all the more comfort!).

There are literally hundreds of ways to make your dream home custom and uniquely you. When it’s time to turn those ideas into a reality, give Oceanview Constructions a call where we specialise in custom homes…not just building houses.