Committing to building your own custom home is an exciting benchmark to meet. With your land purchased and a vision for your future eagerly awaiting fruition, it’s time to find the right local custom home builder. This is the most important step.

So, what should you look for when researching a local custom builder for your home? From being able to communicate clearly, to hearing your desire for customisation, and providing current testimonials from satisfied customers, you want someone who will be a reliable partner on the road to architectural beauty and success.

What to look for in a custom home builder
Step one: you want to search for a match that flows and works well with you. This is essential. You want to ensure your local custom home builder listens to your desires and needs and is ready to match them with a high level of expertise and skill. In addition, of course, a local custom home builder needs to offer solid value for your money, top quality home designs, and superior workmanship.

Local Custom Home Builder - Oceanview Constructions

Local Custom Home Builder – Oceanview Constructions

One-on-one consultation and customisation
You want to avoid working with someone who insists on sticking to their own pre-made design and resists any urge to allow your input. A true local custom home builder should allow for just that: customisation.

At Oceanview Construction, we value the unique perspective and style each of our clients brings to the table. We entered this business to work with our customers and not simply for them. With this in mind, we recognise your need for a fully customised creative service, which varies from home to home. To facilitate the creative process, it’s important to us that we communicate clearly with you on all aspects of your build because we want to produce the home you envision with design beauty and standout features, each and every time.

Are you looking for a concept that draws people together, or do you seek more compact functionality in your rooms? Our team brainstorms with you and develops multiple ideas to produce a home that mirrors your way of living while sporting design beauty.

What about my block?
Before beginning your build, your land must be assessed. This can involve testing the soil, surveying land contours, and trying to predict any future issues that may arise. Some builders provide this service under their umbrella while others rely on you to complete a land assessment beforehand. Ask your local custom home builder what services they cover as part of your pre-planning.

We build locally
A local custom builder who understands your local area can be a large benefit. You want someone on your side who is familiar with the geography and also has connections with reliable and skilled local tradespeople and suppliers to get the job done well and within the proper time frame.

Current Testimonials
Reputation and reviews matter. Your custom home builder should be able to provide you with previous evidence of satisfied customers and a portfolio of work. Testimonials from several clients on company websites are a good sign.

At Oceanview Construction, we specialise in building custom homes across the Redland city area. We offer exquisite bespoke designs, unique layouts, and superb quality construction which are always central to our projects.

For a custom home that speaks to your lifestyle contact us to arrange a meeting today.