Everyone has their own unique taste. Simply glancing at the wide variety in fashion walking down the foot path or street in any urban centre today can give you an insight into the differences in what we find attractive. Australian homes display this same diversity. A wide variety in architectural taste and style has developed across the country over hundreds of years and while some people still gravitate strongly to all that references history and days past, others are now searching the horizon for hints of light shining on all that’s novel and new.

What is your preferred style of custom home? Take a moment to brainstorm your ideas with some of these most popular selections now on the market.

Contemporary Homes
The word “contemporary” is broad and generally encompasses all that is new and cutting edge. Clean lines, large windows, neutral colours, and open spaces are key elements in contemporary home design. Many contemporary homes incorporate natural materials into their design and many focus on sustainable living. Known for its smart technology and energy-saving efficiencies like solar panels and passive cooling, this style of home are rooted in the present and focused on the future.

As a multi-award-winning contemporary custom home builder in the Redlands and Gold Coast areas, Oceanview Constructions has experience with customers who love that ‘contemporary look’.

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Custom Home Style – Oceanview Constructions 

Modern Homes
Another custom home style is the modern home. It’s true the terms “contemporary” and “modern” can feel similar, but there really is a difference. As a style label, “modern” refers to design styles from the recent past, even dating back to the 1950s and 60s, while contemporary can cover anything new and “in the moment”. A modern home builder can help you create a softer feel compared with contemporary design, but also incorporate those tell-tale clean lines and neutral colours. Modern homes also tend to have fewer stark spaces and warmer neutrals.

Hamptons Homes
Where does the term “Hamptons” come from? Getting historic, Hampton is a suburban area situated on the north section of the river Thames in London, England, and its name was made famous when it was brought to North America with colonisation. There, the term was applied to what is now the east end of Long Island. This has become a space that operates as a summer seaside community for some of New York City’s elite, as well as a high-end address for locals. Hamptons-style homes come with many characteristics, but some key points have presented themselves on the design market. Wrap-around wooden balconies, high-pitched rooves, gables, and white timber mixed with stonework are well-known Hampton features. When thinking of Hampton homes, you might envision “English countryside” meets ‘the seaside’.

At Oceanview Constructions we understand the timeless aesthetic appeal this style offers and we customise each feature with our clients for the exact look you seek.

Coastal Homes
The last custom home style in our list is the coastal home. A home along the stunning coast of Australia will naturally want to incorporate elements from the landscape into its design. Large windows that let in light and the view, along with outdoor landscaping that allows for congregating and relaxing are a must. Coastal homes often also incorporate hybrid indoor/outdoor spaces like outdoor kitchens that allow you to truly feel immersed in the environment while at home.

Our reputable designers work with you to maximise your location when building your very own custom home.

Do you have questions and ideas when it comes to building your new custom home? Then reach out and contact us today. Our team understands that choosing a custom builder is a process that takes time and consideration and we’re here to address your concerns and help you build your vision.